How A Long Pipe Can Stretch Your Insides

It’s HUMP DAY talk.

So you know what that means…
Pure unfiltered smut talk.
My favorite!
I’m sure this a topic we will all enjoy…

Rough sex.
Something about it turns me on and makes me super horny.
Just the thought of a Wolf with his hands on my neck, slightly choking me as he goes deep….
Even though that fantasy is fun and all,
have you ever looked at a Wolf and just knew he would tear your tail up… literally.
But as Foxes, can we get fucked really stupid unless we feel that…

How can a Fox avoid that?


I remember my first “rip”.
It was back in 2008 or so.
I played hooky to get some dick one day from a Wolf that wanted me BAD.
I invited him over at 12 and by 1215 we were kissing.
He worked in the government, was muscular-thick, and always had these fresh corn rows.
I was flattered, but he was a pro and I was still an amateur.
He was so sexy that I could not care at that moment.
That is, until I felt the strange burning sensation as he was piping me.
It felt like sandpaper being rubbed together.
The next day I was investing in Preparation H.

“You gonna let me fuck you like that again?” he texted.
“yea.” i replied semi-angrily, as i tried to position my sore ass in my work chair.

I think I let him fuck me one more time after that.
I successful did not rip, but I was extra careful and extra lubed up.
I mean EXTRA lubed up.
I have been ripped a few more times after that even after making his dick sloppy with the lubrication.

I know we as Foxes like to be dominated.
We also like to get fucked really good,
but unlike our Vixens counterparts,
our Foxholes aren’t made for all that heavy-duty pounding… or is it?
Is there some secret for that “heavy-duty pounding” that I missed in the Fox manual?

In porn, you see Foxes getting their Foxtails beat up.
You see fisting and other objects being inserted into once tight Foxholes,
but why does it seem that they aren’t in the “HELP ME!” aisles the next day looking for cures?
Does it take a special kind of Fox to withstand a good hard pipe down?

It got me thinking about Foxes and the term “beat it up”…
A term I love and for some reason, always turns me on.
Can we really handle when a Wolf puts a serious dick down on us?
And why does it turn us on to think about it but a pain in the ass to do it?
I know we all like our Wolves to be packing a punch…
…but do we often regret when he puts the boxing gloves on his dick and goes a few rounds?

When it comes a good ol rough sex…

He really really really fucked my ooo wee…!
He really really really turned me out…!
He really really really got to gut me…!
He really really made me scream and shout…!

Do you REALLY like that thang beat up?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “How A Long Pipe Can Stretch Your Insides”

  1. Yes indeedy! But I’ve never experienced the rip, and I pride myself on being a connoisseur of the plus sized peen!!! But I’ve always been big on prep, before arrival I lube inside out…heavily! So once Wolfie arrives and there’s some eating and digging, and so on, and so on, I be open like I’m tryna catch a pass in the in-zone!! IJS;)

    1. ^LOLOL

      So lube inside an out?
      I know that I did an enema rinse with mineral oil one time and I was told that made my walls real wet and slippery.
      I learned that trick from Star Fox!

      1. Omg!! I do that too!! Mineral oil and warm water enema, then there’s a lube gun that gets it up in there, I know everybody uses water based lubes, but they dry out!! I personally prefer silicone based inside and water based outside! This will turn the foxhole into a slippery, wet, and warm, oasis!

  2. ^^^ omg that sounds interesting lol. I personally have the wolf lay in me for a few mins till I feel myself loosen up then go ham. The easiest way is to get on top at first and sit for a min. I heard about silicon based lubes but I thought it breaks the condom

  3. Yeah Jamari, like RICHIE said you, me, we have to open up to take a major dick down, but the risk to that is the Wolf will say we were loose. A friend of mine said that he got him a dildo to open himself up before he has sex. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is how they say it should be tight but we foxes have to prep and honestly when your doing a through cleaning how the fuck are we suppose to still be as tight as a virgin after.. They really dont understand what it is we have to do before those special moments..

  4. Damn I like this topic. ;-). It’s interesting hearing all the things that foxes go through to get ready for us wolves. I know y’all go through a lot, but damn. I’mma say this though, no wolf wants to wear himself out trying to fight a extemely tight foxhole. With that being said, I prefer an ass that is the perfect fit for my wood once I get in.

    1. ^well wait now…
      I am really tite and I have made a few Wolves bust faster because of that.
      Granted they were corn balls…
      But I pride myself on that.
      A nice wet tite hole..
      That takes a minute to get in lol
      i wish it was easier for a Wolf to stick it a lot quick and last a lot longer.
      Since I am not having sex at the moment.
      I know it is going to be a battle to get his pipe in.

      From a Wolf’s perspective,
      How do we get loose with being loose booty?

  5. You do know those dudes in porn take muscle relaxers and are high/drunk off their ass right?

    Luckily I’ve never messed with anyone that big. I couldn’t even fathom taking anything bigger than 8 in and even in that range the pain was crazy.

    Size queens are masochists.

    1. Like Jay said, these dudes are high, drunk, etc. AND we don’t see the after when they’re heading to the doctor or pharmacy to take care of the tears. Nor the various times they stop filming so the bottom can ‘adjust.’

      You have to take time to get it in…literally. Or else you will rip or worse – and then it could be surgery & no sex for some time. An ass is nowhere near as forgiving as a vagina. Any wolf that tries to pound you off break doesn’t know what he’s doing or doesn’t care about you.

      Now once you’re adjusted…then it’s on 😉

  6. Seems ya’ll foxes are finally coming to the realization that a big dick is just that, a big dick. As an inexperienced wolf in my younger days, I was naive, and would only get at foxes who wore at least 36″ or 38″ pants, or higher. Until I fucked with one fox with a fat ass, and I felt…………nothing. It was such an eye-opening experience. Instead of fucking his foxhole, I had to hold his cheeks together, and basically dry hump him (sort of like a gay version of titty fucking). So my advice to you foxes, stop being size queens, and start getting with wolves like me. I might be only 6″, but my tongue and stroke game is out of this world. And Jamari…..I think I can help you resolve your problem of not having sex at the moment :-).

    -Jason (Reppin Harlem)

        1. ^well Harlem Wolf,
          my one day of dick days are over.
          I need something a lot more substantial.
          Even a F.W.B would be nice (keyword on: friends)

          So get to know me before I ride your face.

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