“i’m caramelbadboy and this is how i’m gonna f*ck you”

i love when i’m talking to a wolf and he talks about how good he wants to fuck me.
sometimes i feel like the anticipation is the sexiest part tbh.
you may or may not get the sex you imagined and he ear hustled you about.
which is why the “we randomly had sex ” tends to work better for me.

i love those types that are super attracted to you and come off totally unassuming.
ya’ll hook up and…

next thing you know,
you’re in a situationship.
it’s usually the nerds and love wolves with the good sex.

caramelbadboy on onlyfans obviously was thinking of someone.
he made a video of how he wants to fuck who he was thinking about.
a foxholer sent me a video of him showing us how

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he is a better dancer than a f*cker

i love when i’m with a wolf,
he is behind me,
and we are crazy into whatever song we are vibin” too.
he is grinding tf outta me and picks me up and starts pounding me in mid-air.
coming from barbados,
dancing can literally be sex on the dance floor.


it’s much different than when a male is actually smashing you.
i’ve learned that just because someone can dance effortlessly,
that doesn’t always translate the same in the bedroom.
i saw a video on twitter of spanish wolf,
imanol brown,
dry humping a bed…

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How A Long Pipe Can Stretch Your Insides

It’s HUMP DAY talk.

So you know what that means…
Pure unfiltered smut talk.
My favorite!
I’m sure this a topic we will all enjoy…

Rough sex.
Something about it turns me on and makes me super horny.
Just the thought of a Wolf with his hands on my neck, slightly choking me as he goes deep….
Even though that fantasy is fun and all,
have you ever looked at a Wolf and just knew he would tear your tail up… literally.
But as Foxes, can we get fucked really stupid unless we feel that…

How can a Fox avoid that?

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