he is a better dancer than a f*cker

i love when i’m with a wolf,
he is behind me,
and we are crazy into whatever song we are vibin” too.
he is grinding tf outta me and picks me up and starts pounding me in mid-air.
coming from barbados,
dancing can literally be sex on the dance floor.


it’s much different than when a male is actually smashing you.
i’ve learned that just because someone can dance effortlessly,
that doesn’t always translate the same in the bedroom.
i saw a video on twitter of spanish wolf,
imanol brown,
dry humping a bed…

you peep the movement?
how he glides up and down so passionately on that pillow?
the arch in his ass as he prepares to thrust inside?
i’m getting kinda hot.
you’d think that he would do that when he is fuckin’ a vixen senseless.
this video was posted…


…and it showed him pounding a vixen into another dimension.
he did a little better ( x here ).
i had to wonder

Does a good dancer equal a great lover?

one could say that it depends.
once a dick is inside a hole,
it is a completely different situation than dry humping an ass on a dance floor.
once some males get in the bed,
their self-absorption kicks in and it’s all about their nut.
it results in getting fucked like a teenager.

so maybe we can’t judge a dancer by his moves.
many of them can’t perform on the centerstage called “your hole”.

9 thoughts on “he is a better dancer than a f*cker

  1. this reminds me of the grinding trend that men used to do and how they looked great their but when it came down to actual fucking the strokes wasn’t matching the dancing.

  2. Dif ppl need dif things some are impressed by the fringe and all the ocean motions and hip winding, some like a PRK level hangout. I like a stroke like 850Bdt out of all those I’ve seen. ngl I think porn has desensitized me. I’m not easily impressed wit these little gay boys that’s supposed sex symbols . i rather mutual j/o and frot over penetration anyway.l since everyone fuxking everybody

  3. i personally think alot depends on age, whether you’re into the person, in love with person or it’s just a booty call. my partner calls it “empty sex” is just a fuck for the nut so you just banging. passion love making is when you really have feelings for someone and have the maturity to accept it. 20s it’s empty sex, 30s half empty sex/ half love making, 40s – 50s lovemaking if you find the right one otherwise empty sex. my partner can’t dance nor sing worth fuck but is the most passionate man i know in bed, twenty years now 40s- 50s, as they say he may not be perfect but he’s perfect for me. he sings off key but he sounds good to me

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