when a youtube legend reaches out to you!!!!

i was telling my therapist how i’ve been in my emotional bag today.
i’ve been off af.
things are weird.
the energy is weird.
as he put it,
i am probably in an “emotional plague” and to go with it.
after therapy,
i felt a little better and decided to check my ig dms.

I got such a wonderful message from Xem VanAdams today.

first of all,
xem is a youtube legend within the community.
( x see his work here )
he started along with b scott and jason lee.
he is a legit big deal.
i would watch his work in full admiration back then.
to learn that he watches me and loves my work on the foxhole

I legit screamed.

my neighbors were probably were like wtf is going on.
a veteran told me they appreciate all that i do.
it’s like bey telling you that she watches you as an up and coming singer.
the message meant a lot to me and brightened up my whole day.
i’m sure my message back to him was in full dork city,
but i’m extremely grateful.

lowkey: from carlton jordan to jawn murray,
i’ve gotten so much love from the vets.
i’m always speechless at who follows the foxhole. 
thank you so much for the support!

10 thoughts on “when a youtube legend reaches out to you!!!!

  1. This blog is balanced. You talk about pron stars and follow up with a post about mental/emotional wellness. You have a good thing goin man.

  2. I love it! I am sure there are many others who simply do not reach out . You are an amazing and talented brother ” My Brutha”.

  3. Xem is exemplary. I check his website at least once a month and even though he hasn’t updated it in a while, the love he gives to the ORIGINAL Black Youtubers who inspired ALL of the trends you see now that they don’t get credit for is beautiful. He will get what is for him and only him, as will you. <3

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