rest in power to flex deon-blake

even if it’s porn,
people have started legit careers and become legends in their fields.
i’d like to think that is what we all strive for.
in whatever fields we go into,
we do our best so that we become respected and open doors for those behind us.
we can’t look down on people because they aren’t in “respected” fields.

Sex work is something we all have enjoyed at some point in our lives.

i’ll be the first to admit that I’m not familiar with gay porn wolf,
flex deon.
after doing the research before i wrote this entry,
i learned…

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hank aaron left us as well.

lawd ham mercy,
what is going on today?
it comes to a point where we will lose our legends.
we are not meant to stay here on earth permanently.
as we age; so do they.
what is good to know is that they made a difference with their time here on earth.
hank aaron,
our black baseball great,
is not with us anymore as well…

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when a youtube legend reaches out to you!!!!

i was telling my therapist how i’ve been in my emotional bag today.
i’ve been off af.
things are weird.
the energy is weird.
as he put it,
i am probably in an “emotional plague” and to go with it.
after therapy,
i felt a little better and decided to check my ig dms.

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the fathers that love that their sons have big eggplant emojis

i don’t want children,
but that might change if i met someone i really loved.
if i have a boy,
i would want him to be intelligent,
but really focusing on being confident.

Not facing any abuse as how I was raised

one half of queen naija,
is more excited that his son,
has this

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Beyonce Was Crowned “Better Than Michael Jackson” At Coachella

i’m not a new school beyonce fan.
i’ve followed her in destiny’s child and her solo career.
i have bought almost every album,
and have tuned into every performance.
i begged to buy “the writings on the wall”,
which is my favorite dc album.
i still remember getting it from tower records.
it came with the “bills bills bills” remix with sporty theivs.
she might have made me say “sit down b” a few times,
and the hive can be a tad insufferable,
but i’ve been with her since army fatigue and much music.
well last night during her coachella performance
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Chris Brown Is A “Michael Jackson and 2Pac” Hybrid

tumblr_n6za6kkoZl1r0h55so1_500well wait…
i didn’t say it.
chris brown’s career thus far always makes for good opinions.
this is what nick cannon posted on his instagram via tsr
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