Beyonce Was Crowned “Better Than Michael Jackson” At Coachella

i’m not a new school beyonce fan.
i’ve followed her in destiny’s child and her solo career.
i have bought almost every album,
and have tuned into every performance.
i begged to buy “the writings on the wall”,
which is my favorite dc album.
i still remember getting it from tower records.
it came with the “bills bills bills” remix with sporty theivs.
she might have made me say “sit down b” a few times,
and the hive can be a tad insufferable,
but i’ve been with her since army fatigue and much music.
well last night during her coachella performance

that was the moment i knew she had become a legend

after giving birth to 3 cubs,
and dealing with a philandering husband,
she didn’t miss a beat.
her vocals were as crisp and clear as ever.
not only that,
she used HBCU culture with everything “black” to back her.
she used nina simone in one of her performances.
i was shook.
now i was hoping she would have brought out dc4 but…

…i guess dc3 handled it just as well.
i’m proud of her tho.
i might not be a rabid stan like the rest,
but that doesn’t mean i don’t rock with her.she has always taught me to stay focused on my craft.
she makes me want to be great.
a living legend in my own right.
i have always admire her work ethic.
beyonce is pretty much a legend of our generation:

…and i’m happy i’ve gotten to witness the journey in this lifetime.
as far as them saying she is a greatest entertainer over michael jackson:

cc: and so much more on twitter

i know they’re on a high since 3am…

…but i’ll need them to stop smoking crack.

lowkey: why do they do this?
why do they compare b to everyone?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “Beyonce Was Crowned “Better Than Michael Jackson” At Coachella”

    1. she might not be better than Michael but she is not only the greatest alive but one of the greatest performers of all time.
      Sure Janet is the better dancer and has the stage personality to boot but Beyonce has all that and the vocals. Plus she is able to incorporate so many different interesting and creative elements into her performances without distracting from her singing and dancing. Never mind the fact she delivers a consistently high octane performance for two hours plus like an athlete.

      I feel like people are sometimes blinded by nostalgia and that often makes it hard to give people their hard earned credit.
      Very few artistes would have been able to successfully execute what Bey did at Coachella.

      Beyonce might not have the best catalogue of songs but she sure knows how to compensate for that with her stagecraft.

  1. I thing is that this generation wants to have that once in a lifetime superstar and Beyonce fits the bill best even though she doesn’t necessarily hold up well against those types of the past.

    I’m just gonna let her stans be great.

    1. @OPM1988: i agree with this assessment completely. Last night was very entertaining and kudos for the embrace of HBCU culture, the return of DC3, a touching a broader swath of her catalogue. But the road is still long to touch some of the greats of the past…

  2. These are Children’s opinions, the ones saying these things have never been to a Micheal performance, the ones were they legit had ambulances outside for the people that were fainting during the performances, I’ve seen footage, and as far as I know Beyoncé has never had people fainting at her shows, she only has over exaggerate black feminist and gay men going crazy like this 🙄 not using the fact that thier black as an insult, but just to highlight how slim of an audience she relates to, Michael had people of all races and backgrounds awed and he really didn’t have to capitalize off current racial tensions & trends to do so, and when he did he did at a time where It was an extreme risk, cause stations and networks faced NO repercussions for blacklisting an artist that stood for black rights, so this leads me to belive his was Genuine, unlike miss Bey who does so at a time where it’s trendy, the black dollar matters, and networks damn sure ain’t gonna say nothing

    1. False I’ve seen Bey live EVERYONE of all colors and sexual orientations come out to see Bey. One of the few Black artists out who has global appeal while being an unapologetically Black woman.

  3. Some these Beyonce fans are something else. Beyonce loved Michael jackson and Janet. for them to say that she better than them, bless their heart. Michael and Janet is the blue print that all young artist should study and build upon. As a Beyonce fan, not the crazy ones. Beyonce is not trying to out do Michael and Janet. she doing Beyonce and Beyonce only. she up their with them when it come to great perfomer.

    1. @Deron: thank you for being a Bey stan WITH SOME SENSE. For many, myself included, part of the resistance to her coronation is her disrespectful fan base and her refusal to call them out on their behavior towards anyone with a dissenting opinion… Especially the black gay men.

  4. How can carbon copies be better than one who innovates?

    Michael and in part Janet originated the blue print that newbies, including Beyonce, follows.

    Hell Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation video was better than any performance Beyonce ever done lmao

    1. THANK YOU! Generations now have that attitude of “collaborative expression”, taking others work and not giving them credit, and expecting people to be happy for the exposure.

      Inspiration and imitation

  5. When I didn’t think Beyoncé couldn’t outdo any of her past epic performances, boy was I wrong. She tore that stage up, and her walk in the introduction was everything. Beyoncé is the one of the greatest entertainers alive. I wish people would stop comparing her to the other greats like Michael and Janet. When Michael was alive I’m pretty sure he had love for Beyoncé and Janet has love for Beyonce too. Beyoncé has always paid homage and respected the ones that came before her. Beyoncé work ethic is like no other.

    1. @Eric I agree. I just watched her perform for nearly 2 hours on stage in high heels and under bright burning lights. She danced and sang her thic ass off! And that band! OMG! Felt so much pride through my veins as those horns played. Jay Z and Destiny’s Child were also good performances. Beyonce will be remembered as a woman who embraced her culture when it would’ve been easy to just ignore it… She is truly The Queen 😗

  6. BeypBey better than Moxhael…bwahhaha! Even Janet will dance circles around her…Hell, Janet out performs her on so many levels. Couple the fact that Janet supports and written songs directed at the LGBTQ.

    Beyonce is a great entertainer but lets not get ahead of ourselves…of all time…Please…of the up and coming generation…of course. I mean what else competition does she have?

    Beyonce ain’t perfect. She’s been sued plenty of times for her “creativity”.

    I don’t listen to any of her cureent music. I have in the past and that’s a few times but instally fell out of her style because it was the same repetitive montra. I didn’t say she was bad at what she does though.

    Someone who is innovative and deserves some recognition as of late is Janelle Monae’.

    I feel sorry for some of the Beyhive actually. I have never seen a bunch of grown folks act like mindless drones over a woman they don’t know. Hive has many definitions…from gathering together, to being annoying.

    Hell I’m a good fan of Janet and Michael and I don’t do all of this over them. It’s like a mental disorder some of these fans. Anyone that obsesses over another human like that has mental problems.

    No one can ever take Beyonce’s entertainment cred though. She earned that…BUT she can be outclassed if the media (& her drones) can ever allow someone else to step up.

    Hell, even Ciara can dance circles around her. It is what it is though. The music industry is tough.

  7. i really hate this generation and stan culture. The idea that you have to shit on someone else and their legacy in order to lift someone else up as a legend is nauseating. Yes we are all on a Beychella high. Yes Beyonce is a legend. A throwback to a time when you actually had to have as much beauty and presence as you did work ethic and talent. She is the last of a dying breed. There are no lil Bey’s coming behind her so the attachment to her is understandable. But to lessen the impact of Michael Jackson is really just stupid. For anyone born prior to 1985, the idea that Bey is being looked at as bigger than MJ is ridiculous. You really have to be a certain age to remember and understand the mythical, obscene level of fame that Michael Jackson had. His concerts were a religious experience. When he debuted a music video, television networks shifted and changed their programming. This is aside from the fact that he was one of the first black artists to break into MTV rotation, win multiple Grammys in one night, television and cable specials and is STILL the only artist or human dead or alive to sell over 100,000,000 albums. Not streams, not singles, but PURE fucking albums. And he did it as a BLACK Man. And this was all done prior to social media, the internet or before the music industry was even racially inclusive. Michael Jackson broke, chopped, and burned records, charts, and barriers that these children dont even recall or give a fuck about. Its ok to hail Beyonce as a long but what yall not gonna do is diminish the work of MJ just because your a stan or not old enough to remember.

  8. I guess as someone who clearly remembers when Michael Jackson was in his prime, it is laughable to even suggest such a thing due to as many have pointed out his talent notwithstanding, he broke so many barriers and records that he will never be touched in 10 lifetimes. Now Beyonce is a Bad Bitch who can perform her ass off no doubt, but she is a master of studying the greats and taking bits and pieces of their legacy and perfecting them to make herself a legend. She still cant touch Diana Ross for stage presence, nor Tina Turner for dancing much less Janet Jackson. Cant touch Aretha, Whitney or Mariah vocally and sure cant touch Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer ever. As a lover of history, the facts speak for themselves. Those that came before her laid the groundwork in so many ways for her to become the Superstar that she is today. Personally, I do not think she thinks like her fans but her fans are pretty shallow and have one track minds and no matter what the truth is, much like 45 Supporters it is not going to matter to them. Oddly, a family member who will literally curse you out when you dare speak ill of the “Blood of the Lamb” as I so affectionately call her saw Rihanna for the first time in concert and stated that she thought her show was better. I thought they were joking but they were serious and stated that they hated to say it but I told them surely it was because you had seen Bey so many times, Rihanna was just a fluke to you, but oddly enough, I have heard this from other admitted Beehive fans. I never seen a Beyonce concert live, although I have seen her perform live at the BET awards. She is the total package and deserves all her accolades but in my opinion, she still has a few more years before she is going to seal the deal with me as the Greatest of all times.

  9. This is funny. Who is better than whom at this point is a matter of opinion, but people are always calling beyoncé’s fans children or crazy for voicing thier opinion while voicing theirs. Is beyoncé better than MJ? I don’t know and i don’t care but if some people thing so that’s their opinion just like people who think she’s not. But there’s no right or wrong opinion. Mj was great, Beyoncé is great, that’s a fact.

  10. People are entitled to their opinions. Performances are subjective to say the least in regards to talent, entertainment & stage presence. Not everybody is going to like MJ, vice versa with Beyonce. I really enjoyed her coachella performance though. Seen her live on her formation tour & will see her with Jay this June!

  11. By the way Jamari even your uncle Charlemagne said Beyoncé is a better live performer than MJ, not that I agreed or disagree but it’s just to show people that you don’t have to be “young”, from this generation or a crazy ass Beyoncé stan to think that. All tastes are in the nature and debating them is useless.

  12. I’m grow up on Michael and Janet and I have never had goose bumps watching one of their performances. Beyonce performance at Coachella, from the time she walk down that runway, gave me goose bumps; it was for me 2nd to Whitney Houston singing the national anthem. Sorry but I stop really being a fan of Michael’s after the skin bleaching and facial surgeries (although I still enjoyed his music). Janet is AWESOME hands down, and from 1986-late 2000’s she was the star whose music and video’s I couldn’t wait listen to and watch. Beyonce feels like that family. I get it every generation has their star; Aretha, Ella, Billie, and Madonna; and for this generation it’s Beyonce and I happen to agree with them.

  13. While we talking about performances I know one person that outperforms her on Massive War levels….DonaldTrump…

  14. Micheal is a legend, but I dont think he is a better performer or singer then Beyonce. He is a better song writer. (ps i think janet is greater than michael) They are both great, but he has the advantage of nostalgia on his side. Also it has to be mentioned all that be has accomplished while be both black and women. Its also important to note that Beyonce’s dominance in the digital age is all the more impressive. In a time when there is no lack of competition she is still the tops.

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