rest in power to flex deon-blake

even if it’s porn,
people have started legit careers and become legends in their fields.
i’d like to think that is what we all strive for.
in whatever fields we go into,
we do our best so that we become respected and open doors for those behind us.
we can’t look down on people because they aren’t in “respected” fields.

Sex work is something we all have enjoyed at some point in our lives.

i’ll be the first to admit that I’m not familiar with gay porn wolf,
flex deon.
after doing the research before i wrote this entry,
i learned…

…that he was one of the pioneers in black gay cinema in the 90s.
he started alongside bobby blake,
who became his partner.
according to ( x wiki ):

“…between 1995 and 2005 Flex-Deon Blake appeared in 42 gay pornographic films. This list includes mainstream productions such as Bacchus’s Black Workout 10 as well as more controversial movies, such as SX Video’s Barebacking with Jeff Palmer, vol. 3, in which Blake co-starred with the well-known gay performer Jeff Palmer. In 2001, Blake appeared in Dick Wadd’s film Niggas’ Revenge, which the Dick Wadd website describes as “a film so controversial that many stores won’t carry it. Niggas’ Revenge enacts the rape and sexual humiliation of a group of neo-Nazi skinheads by three African-American brothers whose rage the neo-Nazis provoked by their racist actions.

Flex-Deon Blake, in rediscovering his Christian roots, has founded the Dallas-based “BrothasNDaSpirit”, a ministry that helps all people resolve any conflict between Christian spirituality and someone’s sexual orientation.”

i loves the controversy with “pineapple’s revenge“.
you know i loves the chaos energy.
( x you can watch it here )
aside from riling folks up,
flex opened the door for black porn actors to get work in a white-dominated field.

He deserves his flowers.

he passed away on march 1st, 2021 from a long-standing illness at age 58.
he had many fans within the foxhole who alerted me on the news.
i wanted to make sure i gave him his flowers since he inspired so many with his work.

as a community,
we should always show love to our legends who paved the way for our generations and beyond.
if it wasn’t for the risks they took,
there would be none of the current black porn stars that we have today.
may flex deon aka kevin moss-blake rest in power.

17 thoughts on “rest in power to flex deon-blake

  1. Damn this hurt! RIP. Kevin and Bobby are everything I love in a man. I’ve been watching the scene Jamari posted a gif of since I was in middle school. I’m glad to see he had family and children. I encourage other Black gay men to create family so that we don’t have to be alone.

  2. REST IN POWER, King. I remember how famous Flex Deon Blake was in the late 1990s, and even saw him at Folsom East in NYC and met Bobby Blake at DC Pride. They were even more handsome in person, and both very nice. The end of an era, truly.

  3. I’m devastated to find out that Flex-Deon Blake passed away. Loved his movies with Jeff Palmer. Wish I could have met him on social media. I’m not enthusiastic at all about his former partner Bobby Blake, though. Ignored me on social media not accepting my requests though he been active changing his profile pictures. That’s how Bobby treats his fans. I’m appalled

  4. RIP! He sure was one of the pioneers of black gay porn. Those of us in our 40
    ‘s & 50’s who were fans of black erotica knows his work. Excellent post Jamari.

  5. You know at one time the “Blakes” were the Johnnell+Tyrone of black erotica. Although I think there relationship was at least 2 – 3 years they kept the MINKS and the FOXES up! My generation of circuit kids remember them at several events and some of us have stories to tell; however, it is a time we will remember because although white gays had their burgeoning in the 70s and 80s most black gay men openly expressed ourselves during the 1990s and the “Blakes” were pioneers among us. RIP to an OG masc/butch who unarguably was at the forefront for many of the BQs we’ve admired from 2000 – present.

    1. Thank you for your post. They were pioneers! They were a high-profile Black-Black sex-positive, porn/sex worker super butch couple who openly and publicly expressed their love, were into leather, and would interact with other Black folks at Black events. It broke the paradigm of putting whiteness first. Legendary, both of them. JamariFox is always on it, I have to say.

  6. it was reported he died from cancer which he beat once but came back again. he had been in poor health for a couple years. but that issue of black inches brought back memories. there was also a latin inches paper mag well bf the internet. at a time where your fix was mags and full vids on vhs lol. he and bobby had that masculine vibe on screen. the muscles, tats, piercings brought another side to porn for black performers. you had them, latin fan club, enrique cruz, and a couple others putting out porn with black and latino pornstars. they did alot for the industry

    1. OMG… WOW… Great post Jamari. We need to give our people flowers for the work they do in pioneering the way for many. He and his partner were one of the first public celebrities to come out public in the 80s which was BIG at the time. Rest in Power brother. Rest in Power.

      1. Kevin shared his heath issues on FB. He had hiv , he had cancer he had a heart problem. On his FB he said he was soon dying in december.

    1. ^sadly i think that’s what a gay relationship is these days.

      imagine how many males he was messing around with that may show up at that funeral.

  7. He was a good talent but he was shady as fuck and screwed over his partner by fucking dudes he met I the internet. You’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead but it’s the truth. Good talent tho

      1. I read it was cancer. Their were photos on Twitter of his daughter by his bedside… just photos of his hand holding hers… his hand looke emaciated.

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