is rap really faker than the wwe? soulja boy about to have randy orton powerslam his ass (wait…)

randy orton is a fine white baller wwe wolf.
so i use to be into wrestling heavy as a kid.
my step father,
who is mi’s father,
was a huge wrestling stan too.
every pay-per-view,
he would pay for it for us to watch.
i’ll never forget when the undertaker made his debut.
i wanted an action figure of him so bad!
i was such a stan of his.
every monday,
i peep many of the foxhole parked for wwe raw.
when soulja boy posted this on twitter about the wwe:

all hell broke loose between randy orton and him…


via ( x wshh )


is this for soulja boy to make a future appearance on raw?
i’d pay to watch that tbh.
i remember when i was a kid,
i told these young jackals how i really liked wrestling and they told me:

“You know that shit is fake right?”

they pointed out the mat being padded and other things that ruined my expereince.
i think that is what made me stop because i assumed it wasn’t real.
kids be cruels yo.
fake or not,
it has many fans and stans who don’t miss an episode or par-per-view.
if my future manz liked wrestling,
i’d sit and watch with him.
even though i don’t know many of the people who wrestle now,
i peep the many retweets about sasha banks and naomi.
oh and this one who just got a haircut:


roman reigns is FIONE and i never even saw him in action.

i’d start back watching for him alone.

lowkey: i see they added a “harley quinn” kind of character in the wwe now.

i heard alexis bliss wrestling career got a revamp when she started doing that.

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21 thoughts on “is rap really faker than the wwe? soulja boy about to have randy orton powerslam his ass (wait…)”

  1. Soulja would not stand a chance in a match with Randy. Randy bench presses Soulja Boy everyday. He has been hit with a chair. Half of it is fake. Its a storyline but they train and do real wrestling matches and you could get hurt if you don’t know what you doing. Even running to the ropes, if you run wrong, those ropes can hurt you seriously. I wouldn’t challenge them but why say something most of them know already.

  2. Does Soulja Boy have a show? He’s so entertaining to me. His Breakfast Club interview is so iconic.

  3. What in the clash of different cultures? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ A rapper vs. a wrestler. And we only in March of 2021. Love to see it. Also Randy who has always been my main WWE crush had me feeling a little way (the good one) with his clapbacks lmaooo But, in all seriousness from what I know/remember about Wrestling (like Mari watched it back in the day specifically during the Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar era) while there are certain aspects of it that are fake like a reality television show and certain things they do when they fight are definitely staged, their stunts are real and done by themselves and they definitely have to put in work to accomplish what they do. Saying that about their line of work that they have turned into a successful career is insulting and plain disrespectful. Soulja Boy better stop playing lmaooooo Mr. Orton will literally snap him in half like a snicker bar wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. The rock’s entire set of family is fine af (Roman, the usos) even his girl cousins are attractive like that family is blessed.

    But back to wrestling I knew it was fake when I was younger and just got into it for the drama and fun of it all. I think of it as a love and hip hop reality show but the action is the star of the show and the storyline just enhances that.

    (Also have you been seeing the other attractive male wrestlers: Lio rush, ricochet, the hurt business, and etc)??

    1. Add-on: Glad I’m not the only person that finds Randy sexy af. I really started getting into him and cesaro after I found out about Ricochet and Roman Reign

      1. That damn Ricochet is no joke. Bobby Lashley been fine for years. There is another that wrestles for a different company, Jasper Kaun …him right there πŸ‘

        1. Bobby is just fine fine like gawd damn. Thanks for the heads up on Jasper, I just found out about one cause of twitter Chris Bey he’s one of those cute but odd looking but cute types.

  5. Bad Bunny is currently having a nice little run in the WWE. Soulja Boy just wants to get in on the act himself, that’s all.

        1. Roman is the Rock’s cousin. They worked together in the movie Hobbs and Shaw.

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