tanksnlove shows us just how high his eyes can roll up inside his head

x the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

is he still ^this one is still “straight“?
attentionisto and onlyfans resident star,

drevon adams aka tanksnlove,
life is turning out to be a really interesting one.

there is a side of me that doesn’t think he is in his right mind.
the shit he is doing is rather….
i’ve seen some off shit on beyonce’s social media,
but the following had me stuck.
tanksnlove made a video with @kyro232 and well…




it’s giving me heavy:

Is that what the “gay for pay” attentionistos look like when they’re having sex for money?

is this even sexy?

it made me cringe.
do people even know how to be sexy anymore?
looking like you’re high out your mind while getting banged for drugs isn’t exactly sexy.
i mean,
some are into that,
but the rest of us

does he have friends?
true friends to pull him to the side?
someone get them on the main line for a much needed intervention.
the good news is he turn his whole life around when he feels like it.
that is the beauty in creating a mess.

You always have the option to clean it up.

i see a stark christian or pastor in his near future.
mark my words.

lowkey: at least he has a new star than malik joseph.
he is shaking the shit up.


8 thoughts on “tanksnlove shows us just how high his eyes can roll up inside his head

  1. I’m really not convinced a truly heterosexual dude will fleet their ass, lube it up and take no dick on camera for money. I can understand maybe topping or getting sucked up, I’ll even let sucking dick slide by. But taking dick you and not enjoying it is way too much preparation for something painful to me🤷🏾‍♂️

    Most of those paint and sip dudes scream bisexual at best. Jeff Cuts gives me bottom too, no matter how many mediocre women he claims to be into lol

  2. I just checked his Twitter page and it is blocked unless you send him a request to follow him. He used to be this handsome dude who did those Sip-n-Paint events but he looks so sad right now. I hope he conquers his issues because that video of him being sucked off and fucked looked awful.

  3. I feel he was acting and not really getting fucked coz he was doing way too much. Even for being drugged up

  4. I’m still very much turned off at him being very homophobic yet selling gay for pay and not understanding why gay men are flirting with him.

  5. To look at him and Rico Pruitt is sad. They allowed this lifestyle, industry and money take advantage of them.

  6. the price of chasing the bag by any means necessary. hopefully he can recover from this train wreck. you ask yourself, what the end game is because everything must change. what’s hot today is cold tomorrow. a new face is joining onlyfans etc. everyday.think about all the guys you used to write about that have faded into memory smh

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