the fathers that love that their sons have big eggplant emojis

i don’t want children,
but that might change if i met someone i really loved.
if i have a boy,
i would want him to be intelligent,
but really focusing on being confident.

Not facing any abuse as how I was raised

one half of queen naija,
is more excited that his son,
has this

what is up with males and their excitement of their son’s having big dicks?
what is up with them raising them to be sex toys?
is that not weird af?
clarence got dragged,
but he took to explain his point via “theshaderoom“:


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#PressPlay: #ClarenceNYC gives some insight on the tweet he made about his son ????: @clarencenyc

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i rolled my eyes so hard that they stuck for 3 minutes.
nba baller wolf,
matt barnes,
decided to respond as well:

the comments agreeing with matt…

a big dick makes our father’s proud?
who woulda thunk?
mine would have been so disappointed.
is this why boys are raised to be such un-emotional fuck bois these days?
so my question

What if these sons turn out to be gay and gigantic power foxes?

there will be no use in having those big dicks because,

it’ll be a lot of hurt fathers all over the place and i’ll love to see it.

low-key: people need to stop living vicariously through their kids.
the first sign of disappointment and the abuse starts.
i’m just saying.

33 thoughts on “the fathers that love that their sons have big eggplant emojis

  1. Our people have been defined by our sexual prowess since we stepped shackled foot onto the Western Hemisphere. Clarence, Matt, and the shitheads bigging them up in their comments are further perpetuating a negative stereotype that destroys us as a people. Just look at how we’re perceived in porn: we’re always the exotic delight. We fuck a non-Black and in the end they still go back with their spouse. We’re never the spouse, just some domestic (personal trainer, housekeeper, or maid) that they keep around to call on to satisfy their selfish desires. No wonder society sees us the same way… and no wonder so many of us feed into it.

    Ok so great, your son has a large penis, or deep waves, or he’s tall and good at sports… what them grades looking like? Can he hold his own socially? Is he kind? Empathetic? Is he growing into a good person? Or is he just another selfish brat running around bragging about his sneaker collection on IG, or on Tik Tok doing some dumb ass challenge? This quarantine has really brought out the worst in parents. I’ve seen them complain about spending time with their kids that they created because they’re annoying. They think school is where they learn how to be decent people. I’m sorry but if you’re a shit ass individual, your kids’ going to be one as well. Parents need to wake up reevaluate what’s important before we have another fucked up generation of maladjusted crybabies with big ass dicks, watermelon asses, and giant titties loony as fuck!

    I digress.

    Now if their sons weren’t well endowed, I’m quite certain they’d be disappointed with them seeing as they’re light skinned with loose curls – a/k/a weaker and more so what those types of Black men want their daughters to look like.

    Clarence and Matt are disgusting for this, but I guess I shouldn’t expect less from two Black men who grew up with abusive fathers.

    I never got Clarence’s appeal and Matt looks like a cracked out Eduardo Picasso.

  2. Does child dick translate to adult dick? I’m 35 and childless so I no longer know anything about child private parts. I’d assume that like the rest of the body things can change drastically from childhood to adulthood. While I don’t have a child, if I did I wouldn’t want to know about his penis (save healthcare related issues) after he’s old enough to wash himself. Why would a parent think about their child’s package. I kinda feel like social services needs to get involved.

  3. I couldn’t even watch the video. It is unnatural to be discussing the genitalia of a child. They all need help.

  4. On I’m here for the food podcast claudia did say all guys with small dicks should die and not reproduce .🤷🏿‍♂️ big dicks are uplifted like light skin, lose curly/wavy hair, fit/in shape body type so im not surprised.

    1. When justin bebier nudes leaked Justin’s dad pretty much said the same thing that’s hes proud. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  5. Some people should just remain silent and look good…you make it worse when you dont know your role…sheesh. Why respond but not that he did, ..just…nvm..they wont be together in a year or 2

  6. We are at the end of our days. I agree with the rest, this is predatory as hell. Why would you even be looking at your kid in that way? This is just as creepy when men say they want their daughters to be fine or have a certain eye color.

  7. I could only stomach 2 minutes of that video. That nigga is not only weird but annoying.

  8. I understand being proud of your kids, and Clarence said that he is proud of everything his son DOES. How is his “big” package something his son has done? His “big” package is something he naturally has. So, yes, it’s weird for him to focus on his private parts as opposed to something that he’s DONE that he’s proud of.

    On another note, this PROVES for me that men are OBSESSED with their and other men’s penises! They look. They see. They take note. They may never say anything outside of a high-school locker room, but they are definitely aware of the penises around them. #iswis 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. I think it’s hella disturbing and borderline pedo.
    What kind of thoughts are running through the mind that discusses to the general public and sexualize their child’s genitals as of these dads are excited 😒over their kids private parts.

    1. Also consider the crazy perverts that are out there. The same neighbor that used to change my diapers also years later molested me and more.

  10. Really weird. I could understand parents being excited that a child is SMART, since that will actually help you in the world, but well hung? This says everything about these MFs skewed priorities! & Matt Barnes is a fool so I’m not at all surprised he’s part of this nonsense. On top of this, what’s up with the colorist “light-skinned” ish? I mean, WHAT???


  11. What a weirdo. Why do you care if your child is packin? You want him to fuck you when he gets older?

    Why people always sexualizing their children?? Dumbass…

  12. I mean did he have to post it on Social Media? No, but come on a dad IS gonna Be happy if he sees his child seems to be “blessed”, if the baby had a “micro penis” (which IS a medical condition) then ANY parent would be upset/ sad/ concerned, so why cnt the DAD be happy his son SEEMINGLY won’t go through life having to be “ashamed” of his size? Because YES men with smaller Penises DO go through life insecure, and YES Woman do the same thing “Oh my daughter gonna have hips like her mama! 😍” just An example of what I’ve literally heard women say

    1. Exactly!

      Now check out the response to this versus a whole 40 year old pornstar sending a 15 year old 200 bucks and talking to him about a sugar daddy on live. They’re nonchalant about that but this is the one that has them upset?

      1. You’re really odd. Check those comments the majority of the foxhole shamed shabazz for his behavior.

    2. There is a big difference between not having to worry about your child being insecure of himself in a certain department and being proud of his dick.

    3. It’s a damn shame that this man really doesn’t see anything wrong with tweeting about his sons private parts on social media. I bet Clarence is one of those guys that don’t think women can sexually assault men either. One of the foxholers said it perfectly: he put a whole target on his sons back and really couldn’t careless.
      This whole fiasco also speaks to how shallow of parent Clarence is. This example is gross but suppose he didn’t like his sons penis size, would he deem him a failure? Would he love him any less? The more you ponder this question, the sicker it gets. I mean the child isn’t even out of the single digits and he’s already sexualizing the child. God slavery has done number on us for real.

  13. Lol it’d be so hilarious if his son “package” stops growing now and is stunted, Clarence will be crying when his son is 18 😂😂

      1. Well, yes… I remember when I was college had a shuttle for students that lived on off campus housing which I did, and the dude’s name an old black man named Willy. Well, one day after when we had came back from spring break, Willy decided to show some of us dudes a picture of his daughter in a ratchet lookin’ bikini w/ her bigoltittays spillin out on some beach and asked us w/ a sick grin from ear to ear “so, y’all like that huh?… yeah, y’all like that!”… blank stare

  14. I find This DISTURBING. It’s just as bad as a father saying “My baby Daughters has big Juicy Titties”.It’s predatory of a Child!!! We must protect our Boys better

  15. SMH.. He can keep his lame ass response to himself. Who gives a shit whether is son is packing or not and what does he call PACKING? At his son’s age how the fuck he knows he’s packing? And so what? most boys these days are ‘packing’, its in the fucking water they drink…and they all ARE BOTTOMS!!!!!!!…

    Negro stop watching your son’s penis and teach him to be a successful man who has to deal with a lot of bull shit. He says he’s proud of his son doing this and that well I hope he’s proud of his son if he happens to like boys as well…..hmmm Will you be proud now Negro? GTFOH

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