put all the guinea pigs in georgia at a good seat in the hospital lobby

so i knew this would happen.
i mean stevie wonder could see this shit.
as soon as they announced that georgia was gonna open up,
i knewwwwwww it was going to be a shit show.
this is what a foxholer sent me via “ajc“…

Since 11:30 a.m., state officials have increased Georgia’s coronavirus death toll by 18, meaning 1,165 Georgians have died due to the outbreak.

In the past 24 hours, the Georgia Department of Public Health has recorded 33 COVID-19 deaths.

In addition, the DPH confirmed 358 cases of COVID-19 since 11:30 a.m., bringing the state’s total to 27,492. Of those, more than 5,300 patients have been hospitalized at some point in Georgia, which is about 19.3% of all cases. At least 1,229 patients have been admitted into a hospital’s intensive care unit due to the virus.

More than 168,000 tests have been conducted in Georgia, and about 16.3% of those have returned positive results.

i really hate that all of the black folks are gonna be the guinea pigs in this.
every report i see,
all i’m seeing is black folks who died.
legit becoming the face of the virus.
georgia foxhole…

Please be safe and smart out there

wear your masks,
and practice social distancing.
texa foxhole,
this goes for you too.
the government doesn’t and never gaf about us.

article cc: ajc

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “put all the guinea pigs in georgia at a good seat in the hospital lobby”

  1. If new York can stay shut down until July why the hell would ATL just open all at once wtf they look dumb governor should be removed the folks out in crowds I won’t do a crowd until next year I’m cool

  2. I’m immensely pro black, but I do not let it cloud the reality of this situation. It’s very sus that some of the Southern states with predominantly black people We’re chosen as what I call “trial and error” locations. However “guinea pigs” MOST of the time especially in this situation are willing participants. People are voluntarily going outside and neglecting to social distance, causing the increase in this virus. Us blacks very seldom fear, unlike white people it takes a lot for us to freak out, which can also be detrimental. Why would people put their self at risk when there is still no cure In regards to covid19. The government is giving certain states a go to open not because people aren’t at risk, but to test things out to see if they get worst (which they did). NOBODY told these idiots to go outside and socialize like it’s 1999. It’s hard for me to be compassionate about people who are willingly putting their life in danger.

  3. This is syphilis all over again. It’s heartbreaking how they see us as expendable as a plastic wrapper. Do you think about the wrapper over utensils? No. It’s there to cover your fork and spoon and you throw it away. This is why I can’t do the “Not all White people” mess. Yes, not all, but the majority does not care. So i will never be out there caping for them. Same goes for other groups. Where are the Asians saying to support Black businesses hit by this? Where are the Mexicans saying to not turn away Black people who have symptoms?

    We live in a world where Black people aren’t believed in healthcare. Women are often dying during childbirth. This is a “superpower nation” and we have high statistic of Black women dying during pregnancy. Why? Because it’s like a cow being bred. “She’s not actually in pain. She’s being dramatic”. A nurse got fired over exposing that they think we’re a joke. Don’t get me started on the infanticide.

    The point is protect yourself and stop trusting a White man who is insulated by wealth just because you’re a Republican. I know there are some of you on here. I can like a TV show but like different characters. You can be a Republican and not listen to his irrational, dangerous medical “advice”.

    Black people who trust the government/politicians blindly quite frankly..maybe natural selection needs to get rid of them. I’m sick of the lack of common sense. And the religious aspects? For all of the “faith” why are pastors dying from it, ignoring social distancing? Use common sense!

  4. I’m in the A and it’s a whole mess. Most people are walking around like NOTHING is going on. Fuck that! I’m in mask and glove everywhere I go. Period

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