why was a 15 year old on your ig live, rhyheim shabazz?

is everyone stepping up to get cancelled during the rona?
porn star,
rhyheim shabazz,
seems to be next on the list.

rhyheim had an interesting ig live last night.
even i said wtf when i saw it fly down my twitter timeline.
now i don’t know much of the context but…

ETA: i can’t confirm or deny,
but they were saying that child was 15.
so uh…

Can someone explain why Rhyheim was IG living with what looked like a young child?

this video a foxholer sent me gave some context toward the conversation:

“called him cute and sent 200 dollars…”
“sugar daddies…”
“he is cute…”

i thought we would find out that was his son or something.
this is the video of the twins,




that video is weird.
that looked like a grown ass man fuckin’ two kids.
rhyheim is sexy af,
but that scene didn’t move the meter for me.
i didn’t even like it when khi fucked them.

it almost felt a tad incestual.
how old are those twins anyway?

i think rhyiem is running out of people and themes to fuck.

you gotta be careful or communicating when it comes to kids.
anyone under 18,
as an adult,
you need to keep it was professional as possible.

Would you want your child doing an IG Live with a porn star?

wtf do they even talking about?
if this ends up getting rhyiem cancelled,
he kinda walked into that willingly.
we haven’t seen rhyheim get fucked,
but this interesting decision might be the closest thing to it.


low-key: let’s hope this was a misunderstanding because….

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43 thoughts on “why was a 15 year old on your ig live, rhyheim shabazz?”

  1. I know it’s an 18-year-olds that look like a 15-year-old I won’t be surprised if this dude is 18-year-old

    1. Dude is 15 and a sophomore in HS. That Lil boy is famous for hopping in grown men dms telling people he 28 but got on his school uniform.

        1. It’s right to get in Rhyheim ass but let’s also get in these fast ass youngins ass too

  2. No one has been able to confirm the age of boy in question. I really do not know much about either of them, but the boy does look young enough to be a teenager so there is a possibility. Even if he is 18, this still doesn’t feel appropriate, maybe it’s just me.

        1. You can’t go after him because this person Sean and giving out receipts where is the proof

        2. I mean he didn’t give Receipts where is the proof I don’t automatically believe in Sean

  3. Unfortunately it won’t get him cancelled because pedophilia is huge in porn and many of these gay men /porn studios exploit underage guys. When I originally seen the video of the twins with Rhyheim I was creeped out. What Man finds two guys who look like underage teens attractive? This boy is clearly underage on his LIVE. I remember on Tumblr many pages would post “eye candy” and I started noticing that many of the pics were underage boys and I found it to be alarming. Guys would comment about the dick or ass being phat when you clearly tell they were underage. Men and their sexual perversions. Folks calling grown men their “gayfathers” meanwhile they’re being fucked and passed around by old rich Men. Also Brazil is huge for sex trafficking and underage boys and Rhyheim frequently visits

    1. Yep. Tumblr started becoming dangerous when those perverts started posting teenagers. When the fbi gets involved they’re putting everyone that distributes that mess on the registry.

      Y’all should check out the sex offender registry. Those dudes on there are not all old and white. You got attractive people on there convicted of messing with teenage boys too.

      Don’t get caught up and end up out here not being able to get a job or live in certain areas.

  4. Are they sure he not related to him in some way? If not his son, maybe a nephew?

  5. oml say it ain’t so…nothing shocks me anymore …you got these teenage boys posting dick pics regularly; the internet is full of them and nobody seems to give a damn.

  6. This is all too uncomfortable, legal or not.
    Ps. Why would rhyheim be ok with people thinking he likes children. He is playing with fire.

  7. (LAUGHING)…..

    The KID looks like a KID and depending on the discussion, if it goes like how it was reported, then Rhyheim is sadly no better than those lusting, sex crazed bastards in jail. NO REASON to have that kid on IG Live, none whatsoever..Now these ‘kids’ are no better and are exposed to all types of shit but as a grown ass man encouraging it….NAH bro, you wrong for that.

    Ever since he got rid of his face mask from #TimTales he’s been the MAN TO FUCK in porn and every two bit, raunchy, thirsty, sex craved , hungry bottoms have placed their ass in his bed or his pool to be fucked by him, his friends and their friends. Last count ,and I stopped counting eons ago, he was at approximately 1000 bottoms..and counting. He makes porn looks nasty…and I love porn but frankly there is no social distancing when it comes to fucking these bottoms. Good for him. Its his dick and his life.

    1. I thought I was the only one who thought his videos weren’t that appealing.. LOL and I bottom too! But the sweaty group videos do nothing for me. He seems to be really popular though and I’m sure his escorting clientele is really high now so good for him shrug

      1. His videos are rarely appealing to. Me Too much show for the cameras. He doesn’t often look like he is 100% into the sex. He looks like he knows he’s on camera. They also give off a “guys in line to use a public toilet” vibe.

  8. Not condoning anything but this kid and rhyiem have been on live before. This kid is actually quite popular on the internet. He came up with saying “hey Miss Mama’s.” On the previous live they were on I did think it was odd because of what rhyheim does but IDK. I don’t think rhyiem should be sending him money though or even really be on live with him.

  9. Ok that’s disgusting but I’m also more alarmed at all the shock I’m seeing. lets not act like wee don’t know how common it is for grown men to target boys in the gay community. This should be shamed but it’s far from new. This just reminds me of all the injustice we are well aware of but turn a blind eye to in order to have a nice day but when it’s forced in front of us we performatively clutch our pearls.

  10. Yeah. This is definitely something strange. I thought it was weird when he did a scene with Malaki White, although I believe Malaki was 18 at the time, but he was still in high school. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the video, I did. But when I saw Malaki on Instagram posting HS graduation pics, I felt a type of way about it.

    1. Wait what?! Malakai been making porn fr like 2+ yrs?! Khristo! N he’s a kid? Jeez

  11. I’ve said it before, y’all would be dragging him to hell if he was unattractive doing this very same thing.

    There’s no getting around that boy just “looking” underage. What the fuck is a 40 year old pornstar doing talking to him and sending him money?

    Then I’m disgusted at some of y’all putting it on a child just like the heteros do when it comes to R. Kelly and y’all want to turn into moral superiority police and look at you doing the same damn thing.

    Quiet as it’s kept, a lot of gay men have the same predatory affinity for young, inexperienced boys and that’s why y’all so quick to brush it off 😒

  12. Not a single thing cute about this. Rhyheim is an adult and the burden of responsibility will always fall on the adult. Where the fuck is this boy’s parents? (Some) Black gay men can be so ignorant it’s dangerous. A 40 yr old man and a teenager are not on the same level. There’s an imbalance of power due to age regardless of sexuality.

  13. There was a video of Rhyheim getting fucked by some dark skinned dude with dreads who featured in some of his group onlyfans videos. That was the only time I’ve seen Rhyheim bottoming but I’m not doubting that there’s been other instances

  14. He’s 16 and judging by the mess on his page, he acts it too. I would delete his social media and send him to the most Black Excellence private school. He is in for a world of pain and trouble the way he’s going. No guidance whatsoever.

  15. I’m not surprised at all. First off i think Rhyheim is extremely & grossly overrated. Second, I knew something was off with him from the start. I saw a preview of him having sex with these juvenile looking teens sometime last year and that creeped me the fuck out. I would not be surprised if he is a pedophile but the bigger question is what will the GAYS do if that’s confirmed? Will y’all be so enamored with his dick that morals go out the window? I don’t have faith in the gays to hold him accountable if it came out he was chatting with a 15 year old. Rhyheim needs to be cancelled like NOW.

  16. Rhyheim stopped being appealing to me after his first few videos, isn’t he with Leon Redd tho? Like of coarse the relationship is open but Leon’s his number 1? I dnt know but anyway, He shouldn’t be entertaining a teen, ain’t no way in hell that child is legal and it’s nasty to even think about having “dealings” with a teen, he wouldnt be able to handle it physically or emotionally, y’all Have NOTHING you can talk about, and Psychologically he would be looking for a father figure in you, not a partner! So I dnt even know WHY gay men like that whole “younger” thing, makes me feel like you can’t handle men your own age, so u gotta get a kid just you can feel dominant & in control, And relive your youth vicariously, yuck!

  17. That was wrong of Rhyheim, btw…Rhyheim did get fucked by Andy Rodriguez…

  18. So, so disturbing. Leave the underage ones alone, Rhyheim and everyone else. Leave ’em alone!

    As for that 15-16 year old, I agree with Cornelius C. that he needs some guidance, from supportive, non-abusive and non-exploitive adults, ASAP.

  19. Apparently people know who Rhyheim is anyway so that’s not a shock but the fact he talked to a kid and sent him money… why would that be a shocker? Let’s break it down. If you have seen Rhyheim and the people in his bed, why is that a shock. If you knew he fucked them frail ass twins, why is a shocker. Granted the twins are legal, they are gay, they are bottoms. Its no different from sisters doing that with a straight man. He’s a top (for them) and they bottomed (for him). Legal people. None of my business nor concern. This kid. He looking for fame; that’s it. Prime example of his parents allowing him to have social media accounts without them checking to see who he is following and talking too. This is not this Kid first encounter with a male Adult. He came at Saucy Santana while he was drunk.

    Here is the thing, as adults who are famous in a certain category, you can’t screen and add everybody. You have to be careful what you say when to the naked eye it looks like a minor. Somebody said how do we know he is a minor. I could care less how old you are but if your appearance says you have baby teeth, wearing a school uniform inside a bedroom around the time parents aren’t around, that’s screaming kid all the way to me period. Let’s not forget there are grown ass looking boys out here too. Built like Idris Elba, voice deep like Yahya, with a big long thick ass dick and phat booty. We don’t talk about those 15 and 16 year olds who some low key fucking because their outside appearance looks like a man.

    Both of them wrong. Nothing wrong with acknowledging fans regardless of age. When you give them a sexual remark, that’s when it becomes an issue. The boy parents wrong for letting this kid get famous talking to grown men the way he doing. It may be just his mama, either way, he has no supervision.

    This is my thing, how is the pot calling the kettle black. You can’t say somebody is trash for doing this and doing that and at the same time you watching and secretly getting off to it. You can’t turn around and say I was only watching him and thinking about him doing that to me; you watching him being a pervert! That makes you a pervert too! If its something I don’t agree with, I’m not watching it. I refuse to watch Tiger King because of the description somebody gave. “Gay zoo sex cult”, how about no. Not watching for myself to get my own description, that was enough for me not to watch. I don’t do cults. I don’t like sex with sex toys that look like aliens, demons or animals. Don’t even say my dick is a horse dick, have anybody seen a horse dick, that’s not sexy. That’s not even something I want to see while I’m “having me time”. I don’t take anybody serious who watches somebody do something and turn around and describe what they did and tell them they wrong.

    So everybody is just going to ignore the fact a minor is trolling male adults and nobody saying nothing. But you wanna scold the adult. You would block the adult but you won’t block the minor. He can’t come thru your feed if he blocked.

  20. I was waiting for this to make the rounds. I saw this in Feb when it happened. I’ll send you the YouTube link. Rhyeim was in an airport and taking his sweet time to go to baggage claim because he was so damn distracted by the Miss Mamas, the kid. I was sick to my stomach watching the grooming that was taking place.

  21. Why all of you coming for the twins? Are you guys this shallow? But you gays so no surprised, these twins are legal they have a boy ish look and nothing wrong with that

      1. The Kardashians and the top followed people on instagram are gay? when did that happen? Last time I checked most of society is shallow and superficial it’s not a gay thng.

  22. So here’s the thing thing…it’s weird, however, he’s not having sex with this person, he’s not trying to have sex with this person, they are not in the same room, and the world now knows this kid watches hardcore porn (a lot of us did, but no one could ever really confirm it)

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