send him another pipe to get him horny

so i put on my ig stories that i wanted to have some fox talk tonight.
i love when i get some good first hand info.
before we start:
do not ask me who it is because i won’t be outing them.
this is coming from my home vixen so you know i respect confidentiality.
so my home vixen hit me up last night.
she told me she was talking to a wolf with a weird fetish.
as she told me the story,
she showed me his picture.

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It’s Hard To Date When You’re EJ Johnson

ya know,
often times i feel like very invisible.
 no one tries to get at me.
it can feel like you are unwanted and lonely,
but i see i’m not the only one going through it.
ej johnson,
magic johnson’s son,
shared how dating as a gay male in his life is difficult.
this is what he had to say via “the daily mail”
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I Want His Dick To Be Hard For All Of Me

it’s been a tough road in this new mind state i’m trying to be in.
everyday it seems like i’m been tested,
but i’m still trying to hold on strong.
i think…
i will admit tho,
a comment during a discussion we had made me feel a little discouraged.
it was during ( x the messy attentionisto sheriff’s ) comment fox talk.
this is what was said…

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One Day I’ll Look Back At This and Take A Shot

tumblr_m6ldsysiIV1qzeufnsometimes i wonder if its obvious when its time to move forward in life.
like are there any signs?
does god ring a bell that only you hear?
do you have to hear that you’re good enough before hand?
i see so many people getting stuck.
working these dead ends jobs until they can’t do it anymore.
watching their dreams pass them by with every punch in/punch out.
all they do is complain about their shit head boss and full of shit co workers.
it scares me.
being that person scares the fuck out of me.
can i be real with the foxhole tonight…
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Idris Elba Lets Us Know His Dick Is Hard In The Backseat

BdLZk3tIcAAwNMZ Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 1.49.06 PMidris elba was feeling a little frisky last night,
i take it?
well go on with your bad good lookin’ self,
daddy elba.

he also had this to say…
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