I Want His Dick To Be Hard For All Of Me

it’s been a tough road in this new mind state i’m trying to be in.
everyday it seems like i’m been tested,
but i’m still trying to hold on strong.
i think…
i will admit tho,
a comment during a discussion we had made me feel a little discouraged.
it was during ( x the messy attentionisto sheriff’s ) comment fox talk.
this is what was said…

I’ll pour you a glass, but i’m not going to get specific with names or descriptions, because I know like 3 of these “Wolfs” as good friends, and they have told me stories over the years. In reality, i’m sure this isn’t JUST a Dominican Wolf thing. A lot of what I said can be applied to Wolfs in general that have been posted on this site.

I will say that, 99% of the Dominican Wolfs you’ve posted about are straight(In fact, only 2 are gay, and one of them is very attractive, but also VERY abusive), but have a price. So if a gay guy wanted to spend a night, or even a 3-6 day vacation w/sex, you can get it. Money is their sexuality.But don’t get it twisted, they have no interest in men outside of making money. So don’t think you can get into a relationship, or flirt with them outside if you aren’t a woman. They’ll get super defensive and homophobic.

A LOT of them HATE it(Stripping/sex work with men), but are doing this just to provide for their kids and families in the US or DR, and because NY, BOSTON, MIA, is fucking expensive to live in. Especially if you don’t have papers. But they make their coins for a few years, invest it if they’re smart, and make bank for life.

Some are just trapped into it because they’re uneducated, or started young and will end up with nothing to show for getting fucked, or fucking doctors, politicians, actors, photographers because they spent it all on materialistic things. So don’t be fooled when you see them trying to stunt on instagram!

Many of Instagram fitness wolfs you’ve posted are scammers. Some of the ones you’ve posted will claim to do personal training, but it’s a front for their backpage ass hustle. The other ones that attempt to be personal trainers can only get you into shape if you use roids, and usually don’t tell their followers that’s how they got so ripped.

The reason why the fake DR, or fake Fitness Instagram Wolfs in general so ANNOYING to me is because they’ll talk mad shit about women like Cardi B, or women in general for being ‘whores’ on social media, but at the end of the day Wolfs are no different from them. Thats my biggest problem with guys like Miguel. They’ll slam a woman for acting a way on social media, but here you are doing the same insta-thot shit for coins, if not more.

i got a little sad about that.
i don’t know why.
i do.
it’s either:

a) straight
b) gay for pay

now mind you,
it’s attentionistos who roam the social media forests.
they often do something strange for a little change.
it’s hard to meet potentials in real life,
so we all get sucked up in the social media vacuum.
whether it’s ig or jack’d.
same story; different site.
i had to wonder if there are any wolves out there:

attracted physically/mentally/emotionally/sexually/financially
low-key af
not mixxy in the gay forests
in whatever shade of black

…or does “that” even exist?

i straight up lied to myself the other day.
i was just telling a foxholer that maybe its better to be single,
but pay for the wolves you’re attracted to come and break your back.
when you’re done,
send them on their way until you get the funds for another session.
coming from me,
that is a lie.
that is what i want to tell myself so i look “together”.
i’m not.
i’m working on it tho.

the problem is the “gay for pay” wolves won’t fuck you good.
they are looking at you as a job.
they won’t stick around to lay up and fall asleep with you.
he won’t passionately dick you down because he’s into you.
they not trying to even know you period.
that dick is hard because of the money on the nightstand.

I want a wolf whose dick gets hard for me

when he sees me when he comes to pick me up from work,
his dick becomes concrete.
when we fight and he starts to miss me…
the way i laugh or how awkward i am…
when he smells my cologne wafting off my neck…
when i bend over to pick up his heart…
whatever the bat mobile is made out of.

i want a wolf to be hard because he loves me.
i want to experience what it’s like to be loved because we’re into each other.
what a hard dick feels like from a wolf in love with you.
you can’t pay for someone to stick around and do that.
that is one thing money can’t buy.

20 thoughts on “I Want His Dick To Be Hard For All Of Me

  1. Just got back from vacation from the Dominican Republic and let me tell you those men over there are beautiful and very flirtatious and can all be had for a small fee thanks to poor economic conditions. So if you want to have the man of your dreams for one night book you a trip there and bring an extra $50 and they are all yours. I think the average worker on the resort I stayed on probably makes about $100 per month in American Dollars. A guy I met in the club over there hip me to the game telling me that they are all straight until you flash cash and then they are gay for pay. I am sure this is the case once they are able to get to America where the cost of living is even higher. I passed knowing that most of these pretty boys probably have been ran thru by thirsty gay dudes willing to pay for their services.

    And speaking of thirsty gay dudes, you really cant blame the Attentionista’s for their dirty ways. I am just an average dude who works out and I kid you not, my IG inbox stays full of slick pineapples so I can imagine how it is for these IG Superstars, as Dignified stated they play on the thirst of gay men who want the fantasy of ripped muscles and pretty boy looks. Most of these Attentionista’s are lame AF in real life, they only offer body and you would become quickly bored. Now that I am into posting my workout pics, I have actually interacted with a few and most want to sell you their workout plans or want you to buy their shitty supplements, so they are true opportunist so it is not unrealistic to think that they will sell their body. Just looking at the Quinton dude in another post and he is perfect example of someone with a nice body, face, and pipe and he still does not have a sustainable career. These dudes get so caught up in people admiring them for their bodies and looks they never do the real work most of us do to have a lifelong stream of income. I see attentionista’s like G. Hill literally begging his followers to buy his shitty music, its really sad when you look beyond the face and body and see it is nothing there.

    Saying all of that, at the end of the day, most of us are still shallow and want that dude who looks like a supermodel. We got to remember though he never wants anybody who looks like us unless it is a fee involved, and thats the sad truth. The best thing you can do is improve yourself to be your best. Working out and eating right takes a great sacrifice in this fast world, but the benefits outweigh the sacrifice in my opinion. It is no reason you cant be just as in demand as these attentionista’s. Lifting weights for me has given me tremendous confidence in myself and showed me that any of us can transform. When you focus on bettering yourself, these pretty boyz hold less influence. I still love looking at the eye candy but I quickly move on realizing that I am just as special as they are. None of us have no guarantee in this gay life to find any type of real love but the best we can do is keep pushing ourselves to be better and hopefully we can attract that positive energy.

      1. It was a great comment! My comment wasn’t to attack you or make you feel bad about what you like J. I won’t lie to you and say that on the surface, some of these guys are attractive, ofc they are, that’s the reason they’re so “in-demand”, but my comment was more a commentary of the epidemic that we face as being gay, and men on top of that. It’s a double whammy. It’s natural, we’re men, we’re more visual than our female counterparts, but being gay in this day and age is still socially complicated, so we have to be more diligent. We don’t have the same “privileges” about being open with our sexuality, so the majority of us are repressed, lonely, and that leads to toxicity and a convulted version of what “reality” is. The comments above attacking you directly are also forgetting that this is a problem we face as a community, so I’m not going to jump on the “jump down JF’s throat bandwagon”. Believe me you, this isn’t just a “you” thing. This is an “us” thing. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be countless articles about “gay lonliness syndrome” that the majority of us suffer from.

        I really think we all need to wake up and face the music, and accept responsibility where we went wrong in our own decisions. The whole “I’m always right and never wrong attitude” is killing us and keeping us single.That’s how we learn how to be better people, and hopefully, that would change the epidemic we face as gay men.

  2. That whole last part…gets me hard thinking about a man that gets hard from my sight or presence…🙃🙈

  3. But Caz Jamari has already stated that the men he posts and talks about on here are more so fantasy and different than the guys he’s been/ crushed on in his real life.

    I think it depends on what things the individual is willing to compromise on and what things are an absolute, it varies from person to person.

  4. I’m certain its your “type”, your refusal to look outside of physical attraction, and this obsession with “wolves” and attentionistos, that is keeping you single. Your dream man has probably come your way many times but you were distracted by a pair of abs or pecs. Gay men really kill me; always pining for love, always saying how hard it is to find, always saying how they are ready for unconditional love but beneath the surface, you’ll only accept that love from someone who looks like Steven Beck or BK Brandon. It’s really sad…

    1. but Caz Jamari has already stated that the men he posts on here are more so fantasy and different from the kind of regular men he has been with in his real life.

      I’m all for doing out your norm, I think it depends what the Individual is will

    2. Facts. I think J forgets they are called “Attentionistos” (his word haha) for a reason. These “muscle” men that you lust for on Instagram are huge narcissists. The last thing they’re thinking about is caring for somebody else.

  5. This is how I´ve been thinking for a while now. Its very important that the man Im attracted to, is genuinely attracted to me back. The idea of wasting my affection on someone who is disgusted by gay men (while his work is driectly affected by the approval of sgl men) makes me highly uncomfortable. His profession may be taking his clothes of for gay men, but if he himself doesn’t self identify as gay or at least bi, I´m not really looking in that direction. I´m bored of these “straight” guys who thinks everybody wants them, and that it’s such a curse to be wanted by people. The attitude alone reaks of narcisism and contempt.

    The fact of the matter is: Attentionistos ain’t shit, they never have been, and never will be. Their profession is just taking their clothes off and making “sexy” panoramic photos and videos of themselves while they live and feed off of the loneliness of the average gay/bi men who actually have to work to survive and probably rarely receive any recognition outside of dating apps. I could’nt be attracted to a man like that. It’s against my best interests and I’d feel used and duped.

    Just brainless dudes getting paid to act masculine and be attractive to mostly sgl men and some select women. Nothing new was revealed in that comment or that entire comment section tbh. Same ole same ole.

    1. “Nothing new was revealed in that comment or that entire comment section tbh. Same ole same ole.”


  6. I’m gonna tell you what I tell others. DON’T SEARCH FOR LOVE ON INSTAGRAM, GRINDR, or JACKD, these are the new Rentboy sites, especially Instagram. Even those female Instagram “models” are undercover prostitutes.

    I find it interesting and sad how gay men correlate sex with love. I have met some dudes who were crying hard when the guy they fucked off of Grindr blocked them or didn’t respond to their message anymore. It’s so weird to me how a guy who is sucking off another dude’s dick in a dark alley can think “Omg, he could be the one.” Like huh? How does that even cross your mind? You barely know him. In all honesty, I can see why depression and suicides are so high in the gay community. You’re confusing lust with love.

  7. Oh my gosh Jamari, I loved this. Jamari if you don’t mind me asking. Have you ever been in love with a wolf, and he loved you back?

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