The Sex Scene In The Window At JSU?

so college has started for most of the foxhole.
the semester just started and i see ya’ll already ack’in up.
that was the scene at jsu today.
a f-bi sent me what was allegedly happening in a resident’s dorm window…

i guess he was hittin’ more than the books.
i’m so mad everyone is outside watching.
this doesn’t seem like a “oops; oh my!” to me.

lowkey: can we talk about how fat that wolf’s tail was???
the pipe was nice too.
i bet most of ya’ll college sex stories are off the hook.
i know i would have been a mess.
i can’t say i wouldn’t be low key watching my sexy roommate smashin either…

*video credited to owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Sex Scene In The Window At JSU?”

  1. Maybe I’m too far removed from undergrad but this just seems stupid and pointless to me.

    Especially when people are advocating for these schools.

    Obviously they knew people could see them.

  2. I hope they are ok like I hope they won’t be getting harassed about it too bad I hope they were fully aware of the crowd because this would terrify me tbh.

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