yes guys, ricky martin still gets aroused around sexy men

Ricky Martin is single now,

Asking for a friend.

…just like some of ya’ll menz probably get hard when they see someone sexy,
as do you get hard when you see someone you’re attracted to as well.

so people are confused why a gay man would get hard with sexy gay males grindin’ on him.
i think people expected ricky martin to sit there like a prude and smile on madonna’s stage…

i hate to break it to the confused ones but…

Ricky Martin probably wanted to fuck the shit out of one (or all) of those menz.
He is a single DILF and probably in full mingle.
When he doesn’t have the kids that week/weekend,
like other adults,
he is probably on the prowl.

i think my manz in the white could have gotten it.
he did?

ricky was ready to go:

i can feel ricky is good in bed.
i can feel it.
i knows it.

the way he moves dem hips >>
he looks like a passionate rican in the sack.
remember when madonna wanted a piece after he performed at the grammys?

i don’t blame her cause even my mother was sprung too.

lowkey: he aged well for me.
he is one of those who looks better as he has gotten older.

the dilf energy is on 1000.