if we didn’t see this abuse, she would have played victim for social media sympathy

fonting of oversharing,
the following just flew down my twitter tl and had me baffled.

this is the type of shit the regulars are posting on social media nowadays.

An up close and personal look into their toxic ass relationships.

i think some vixens think they can put their paws on menz and they’ll be no reaction.
they are safe because they will be seen as vixens first and abusers last.
elisa jordana,
who use to work for howard stern and looks fuckin’ insane,
decided to record herself abusing some male in her car.

i think he was fed TF up that day…

are they together?????

she just hit him in the face for no reason.
she is giving a whole lot of crazy and this she-jackal is DRIVING too.
what if they crashed or caused a pile up behind them?
what is this irresponsibility going on here?

I don’t know what is going on but they need to be separated.

she was legit provoking him tho and played victim once he snatched her up.
i’m not condoning him trying to drag her bald but…

You get what you put out.

lowkey: are his teeth missing because she has been beating his ass?
wtf is going on here?

why are people loving their misery and toxic nowadays?