i’m ready to meet my manz and keep him a kinda-sorta secret

so i’ve been on a journey of healing and i can font,
i’m ready to get back out there and date again.

i took a step back so i could refocus.
i got hurt with the recent last wolf i was interested in and enough was enough.
as i’m getting ready to make my comeback,
i started to really think about what i’m looking for

I’m looking for a manz I’m totally into,
he is totally into me,
we give the same energy,
but isn’t a regular on social media.

by regular,
i mean aimlessly needing to overshare on social media.

you know the types.
we know the break up and we know when they are back together.
we know who has HIV and we know who has an STI.
we know how much in their bank accounts and how they fought on IG live.
we know they’re having a kid and we know how the kid was used to as a trap.
too misery in the forests to have it in my relationship too.

you know what kind of relationships i desire?

The ones where we we are doing our thing but if the audience figures it out,
we aren’t confirming or denying anything.

we are at the same event but in different sections.
we follow each other but we aren’t all in each other’s comments/likes.
on our friends socials together but our social medias shows something vague.
i think that type of shit is hot and a turn on.
it makes dating in this social media forest a lot more fun.
people love to crack a code.

The F-BI always hits me up about attentionistos who are privately dating/fucking.
Their are more than a few celebrities who are messing around on the low too.

it takes it back to how celebrities use to move before social media.
social media has ruined most celebrities.
i’m looking for something like that rather than the blatant:


like i fonted in the last entry,
i want a love affair where its me and my manz in our own world.
i want share almost everything with the Foxhole so i want something for myself.
if things come up in my relationship that aren’t too crazy then i’ll font about it.
relationships do have real shit and issues in them to make content about.

“I topped my manz for the first time and I hated it/loved it”
“My manz wants to share a kid with me and I don’t”
“Someone has lost their sex drive because of stress but someone wants sex all the time”

“I gave him head for an entire weekend that I got lock jaw. Help!”

…and so on and so forth.
you know i’m always gonna produce art.
if you guys ever get the scent on who i might be dealing with,
you know i’mnot confirming or denying anything.
i’ll let you guys have fun trying to figure it out.