(the hoes are to the front) kellon deryck might be single again

put on your best “cum fuck me” ensembles because there’s an update with kellon deryck.
after all the ranges,
and shameless promotion,
one of the F-BI alerted me that…

Kellon Deryck is allegedly single again.

he announced he was single but edited the caption:

i guess them dms blew up so bad that he had to fall back.
so i’m not shocked and i’ll font you why.
this is strictly from my head and opinion

That guy was a singer on the come up.
He was younger,

nice bawdy,
and it looked like he was sucking and fucking Kellon’s brains out.

You don’t get a Range cause you cute with good hair.
There had to be some “bounce on that shit with no hands” involved.

i didn’t get “love” from them.
i got “intense sexual chemistry“.

Kellon is going to be in a rock and hard place when it comes to finding a partner.
Some of it is his fault so I’ll get into that.

kellon is a good looking gay male,
packing a big peen and a nice tail

who is extremely talented and successful in his career.
that is going to be a challenge to find someone who is:

1 – On his level or above financially
2 – Isn’t messy and will expose him when they break up
3 – Sees “him” for him and not what he has going on

unlike the other successful black gays who only date white,
kellon seems to be attracted to black males.
it’s tough for those of us not on his level so i can imagine what its like when you’re rich.
it doesn’t help his entire IG is a mark for a user.

i use to think he was gorgeous but i’m not as attracted to him as i once was.
don’t get me wrong,
i’d fuck and suck him when i need a refill but to date him…

if i’m gonna date an attractive rich male,
i’m looking for someone more down to earth and relatable.
i don’t care what you are doing and who you work with tbh.
i don’t fuck with people just because they work with celebs.
that is not my problem unless i’m working with you.
not only that:

I’m looking for a more exciting and private affair where its us in our little world.
I’m not trying to be posted on someone’s IG trying to keep up with the regulars.

i hope if kellon is indeed single,
he finds someone that is equally as good for him.

no one that will use and hurt him because no one deserves that.
may his path for an amazing partner be an easy one going forward!