is jerrod carmicheal determined to be unlikable?

I have such a powerful discernment.
When I don’t care for someone and I don’t know why,
there is something there.

that being fonted,
i don’t care too much for jerrod carmichael.

i don’t find him funny at all.
so no,
i was not watching his reality show and i’m glad that i didn’t.
i cringed when he embarrassed himself with tyler the creator.
i damn near shook in terror when he said he was into race play…

For once,
can we get a black gay male who comes out in the industry that isn’t a dork,

a stereotype,
“white men apply only”,
and doesn’t embarrass us?

this can apply to the black straights as well.
why does it feel like a majority of black celebs get fame only to become fuckin’ stupid?
is there a clause in the contracts to be an idiot once a year?

i’m so confused.

Why would he say something like that?
Joke or not,
it doesn’t look good for a black man who inter-racially dates.
what are you even talking about,


we don’t live in a country or timeline where jokes like that can be made.
it really reinforces stereotypes and shines a bad light on the community.
aside the jokes about gays being horn-balls who don’t do nothing but fuck all day,
let’s add on black gays who allow their white partners to call them “pineapples” with a hard r!

he can go.
i didn’t pay attention to him before and i won’t be doing it now.

lowkey: God,
if you ever allow me to have fame,
please guide me from looking crazy.

7 thoughts on “is jerrod carmicheal determined to be unlikable?

  1. I was trying to figure out if the ‘reality show’ was more of a ‘mockumentary’ to push his career, but I was def jarred by the ‘race play’ part. In general, him putting white men on these pedestals and trophy cases is a real problem, and it really makes me wonder just how damaging blk men have been in his life. I’m still confused about what he is going for w this, but I’m not entertained.

  2. This is eerie. The other day I decided to pretend to be an older white man on all the dating apps to see what response I got.

    Jamari, I’m done.

    Every. Single. Black. Man. Responded.

    They let me call them the n-word, slurs and threats of MAGA gangbangs and torture had them sending me nudes.

    The same men who viewed my actual profile and never messaged, were begging this imaginary racist white man.

    And all the “thug tops”? Jamari, they wanted to bottom for this racist.

    It really has disillusioned me and I am done with dating apps and dating.

    I’d always heard about people doing such experiments, but I was afraid to do it. I had to cut several “friends” out of my life because they also were eager to meet this racist persona. I honestly think if you want to know who you are around…to try it. It’s heart-breaking, but will sober you and protect you.

    I don’t know what to do about Black gay men. I think we are too far lost. I have completely given up.

    And he isn’t the first. Rapper Maino admitted this too smh. I’ve also heard alleged tales of producer Polow Da Don. ALLEGED.

    1. I’m going to try this experiment but I already know I am going to be disappoint with the result.

    2. I’ve done something like that a few times over the years, though not to that extreme. Same result as you. The sooner you accept black gay men hate themselves, and you, BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, the sooner your peace will come.

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