shaun t is big, bulky, and britney

for a hybrid in his mid 40s,
shaun t is looking amazing.

he has been bulking heavy for body building comps but…

He is looking ripe for the picking.

looking at that picture above gave me chills.

Sidebar: i love the bulk bawdy tbh.
The muscles are always juicy looking with a lot of meaty parts you can grab all over.
The only thing is if you get an injury and stop working out,
all that bulk can turn to fat real quick

he looks like the dilf next door that you fantasize about every night.
is it me or does he look like jim jones but with a fuller face up there?
even with his XL size,
shaun t can still get down too…

i mean,
that tweet ain’t lying.
he dances like britney spears in her prime.

when ya’ll said britney dances like a cheerleader,
i still can’t unsee it.

regardless of how shaun t is dancing…

That dancing had folk’s losing weight by the pounds with them Insanity videos.

i’d prefer shaun t over this person:.

lowkey: is it me or does shaun t look sad in his eyes in some of his pics?

check out shaun t on: instagram

3 thoughts on “shaun t is big, bulky, and britney

  1. He does look sad in the eyes. I mean why should he not be? It’s like he’s going to be doing OnlyFan soon, or he already has, which means his workout company isn’t doing so great.

  2. He prob looks sad cus all of his friends are ‘white gays’.

    He looks good, but I prefer the lean ’tilt, tuck, n tighten’ muscle.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but fox is a bottom, wolf is a top, and a hybrid is vers?

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