somebody’s stan is getting fired… by victoria monet

i think some people get toooooooooooooo…
caught up in their emotions when dealing with other people’s drama on social media.
as you know or didn’t,
jt and glorilla are beefing over dumb shit on twitter.
someone who worked for victoria monet on her social media got way too invested...

the stan fucked up and joined in the beef under victoria’s account by mistake.
it caused everyone to think victoria was involving herself.
the stan ended up getting fired.

so people are upset with victoria for firing that person.


stan culture has no place in our job duties.
not only that,
the person took the job as victoria’s social media manager.
that person is representing victoria monet.
all feelings in stan wars are out the window,
even in our private lives.

We are representing a person or a brand.

imagine using bey’s IG to throw shots in a nicki/cardi feud by mistake?
your job is to post about cowboy carter and you forgot to log into your burner.

so yeah,
it’s a no brainier that silly person had to get fired.
i think the people upset haven’t worked in corporate yet.
they tell you straight up that you are representing the company,
whether you are on or off the clock.

So the same way we want racists getting fired from their jobs,
we need to have the same energy for someone potentially fuckin’ up Victoria’s brand.

i think those folks need to calm down.

they are probably scared cause they know they’d be out the door too.

lowkey: social media managers need their own phones too.
i hate when jobs expect you to use your own phone to work on.
nah homie.