the details of carlos d. collins murder absolutely horrified me

i know people who make a lot of jokes about being stalked by their exes.
they have exes blowing up their phones from fake numbers,
showing up announced to their homes or place of business,
and poppin’ up in their DMS under fake names on their socials.
many straight males think its cute and funny when vixens are acting crazy over them.

I think that shit is wild scary.

you don’t know when someone has mentally reached the point of no return.
what i heard about carlos d. collins,
who was killed by his ex that was stalking him,
was absolutely horrific.

carlos even got a restraining order against his ex too.
the fact they allegedly arrested him and all let go before he un-alived carlos…

i’m beyond words about this.
a Foxholer sent me a few posts from facebook,
two detailing how carlos was brutually murdered:

the details surrounding his death horrified me.
the neighbors hearing him scream for his life broke me.
what can you even do in that moment hearing some shit like that?

I am devastated that Carlos had to die so cruel by someone he probably once loved.
I hope he didn’t suffer greatly in his final moments and his transition was a swift one.
Marcus needs to be caught and given the death penalty.
He should not be given the opportunity of life after how heinous he took another.

life is so crazy.
you are here today,
celebrating that you finally started down the path of winning,
and gone tomorrow because someone decided to let their insanity take over.
it’s absolutely sickening.

the first sign of crazy,
you gotta take serious.
It’s not cute nor something to tell the group chat.
Take all red flags and threats seriously.

may carlos rest peacefully within the arms of the Lord.

5 thoughts on “the details of carlos d. collins murder absolutely horrified me

  1. This story is sad, you’ve always called these police officers hunters in the past. Unfortunately, police officers and a lot of military officers have a lot of domestic violence associated with them, you have to be extra vigilant when dealing with them. Police officers know how the system works and know how to exploit the faults, many times officers are well connected and have other law enforcement officers who are sympathetic and oftentimes dismissive of victims.

    Personally, I don’t think I could date a police officer, one I’m generally uncomfortable with guns, but beyond that; when it comes to law enforcement I don’t think many of us realize that an officer can take a life at a moment’s notice.

    I feel bad for Carlos, maybe his family can sue the police department.

  2. Hopefully that have that same energy with the killer like they did with yt in Athens GA #blm

  3. That’s so sad.He was only 25 and his life is over.Prayers and Condolences to his loved ones.

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