tyler the creator, lil nas x, shaun t, and jerrod carmichael are corny to ya’ll so cut it out

i still cannot believe they cancelled all the good shows for this.
now we are in this reality TV hell.
azealia banks can be annoying but on some occasions,
she hits it right on the mark.

she claims tyler the creator and lil nas x should date each other…

…but i hate to break it to her but i doubt they’d be into each other.
tyler the creator ain’t budging and lil nas x might have gotten scared away:


♬ Light again out now – lil nas x

i’d love to see more black gay celebrities in hollywood thriving in black love.
often times,
i do wonder:

Is it our fault?

does the black community chase our members away into the arms of other races?
we have an issue supporting our own at times and then cry when we go somewhere else.
you have to check certain boxes before you are supported it seems.
do we even hear of other communities having this kind of issue?
what i’ve noticed:

It always looks like the ones that are deemed “corny” within the community that end up with white males.

…so i don’t complain too much because its never a black male i’d be into.
all the black males i found attractive,
straight and gay,
have dated black or hood spanish.

the black males in question all look like they’d be fully engrossed in white culture.
shaun t recently got called out as well:

x 1
x 2
x 3

shaun shouldn’t have responded because that looks terrible.
here is my thing:

Who cares who these males choose to partner with?

if they were the desirable ones in the community,
they’d have no problem having black partners.
who is to font they tried to date other black males and got shot down every time?
ya’ll should know how dating in this community is already difficult as is.
i’ve watched many black gays express how unattractive they think those males are.
instead of worrying about them,
we are the single ones trying to find partners of color of our own.

let’s tend to our own gardens,
shall we?

12 thoughts on “tyler the creator, lil nas x, shaun t, and jerrod carmichael are corny to ya’ll so cut it out

  1. Also, I think that ‘corny’ trope is BS. Aside from his forced ‘dress up’, Lil Nas X is a handsome young guy, and both Shaun T and Jerrod are handsome grown grown men. And throw in Don Lemon. I think lots of 35+ yo black men looking for real relationships would be interested in them if they showed any interest in dating and socializing black.

  2. Why are you always framing black men who date out in this way? You paint them as being some golden egg in a sea of cracked brown eggs JUST because they’re dating white men.
    You’ve got a lot of internalized self-hatred. And don’t say you don’t when you’re making the white gay community sound like they live the picket fence life with a husband and three cats. Therapy doesn’t seem to be helping you as much as you think. You frame every post now as if you are a therapist but it comes off more as you being a contrarian.

    1. Jack, be nimble and go jump and land on your white candlestick.

      Nobody is mad you like white men.

      It’s the raceplay and lowering standards for other men while generalizing Black men, but gibing white men grace.

      Your gaslighting has no power here.

      And it’s so obvious who your miserable self is. Y’all created new identities over the pandemic and think nobody knows a troll by their font.

  3. The two bars in Northern California: The White Horse and a spot in Oakland. Each of those places had classy well dressed guys who knew how to parlay and par-tay! Most were military, DL. They also knew the protocol and they knew the RULES.
    Mean, shady sissy’s and snotty pretty boys have destroyed the club scene. Jason Bourne described it above perfectly.

  4. These posts are so tired. There are generations worth of examples of white gay men being oppressed by other white men and remaining within their demographic. The only reason why Black gay men exclusively person white men is self-hatred. Any other reasoning is bullshit. Black gays adore Lil Nas and find Shaun T desirable because he’s fit and light skin. Calling them “corny” is a reach. The only people who need to cut it out are the coons.

  5. It’s just really tiring. The whole “they are not the standard” is bs. There are plenty white people both gay and straight who are not considered desirable in their community and yet they are able to still find love with other white people. People act like there are just no black people that would date anyone of the guys in question. They also act like if they date white that they have unlimited options ions. News flash, they get rejected by whites to they just to make a sweeping indictment about white people like they do black people.

  6. Nobody would look twice at Lil Nas X if he was an already flamboyant Black guy who survived the hood. The only reason people salivate over him is his skin color. His features are not desired. He does not fit the Black beauty standard. He would get left on read by many unless he sent his “bbc” and that’s the truth.

    Tyler The Creator is also not the beauty standard. His teeth/smile, ears, headshape would get him clowned. He would get posted on twitter for being in somebody’s DMs and shamed for it.

    Neither of these men would get another look if they were not famous.

    So how about we start there?

    We don’t like Black men who look like Black men.

  7. It has nothing to do w ‘black ppl damaged me’. Everyone who has been bullied was bullied by the environments around them, and most of us grow up around our own. The white boy in a trailer wasnt getting bullied by the Puerto Ricans way across town, either.

    One problem is the 1 dimensional depiction of what black and gay looks like. Many are still learning that being blk n gay doesn’t mean you have to be into fashion, hair and makeup. The lack of diversity in visibility is crazy in 2024.

    For many of those who don’t want to be closeted or discreet, white spaces are often the only public spaces accessible. Most cities are lucky enough to have a blk gay night at a place, let alone a bar. They welcome blk gays right in if they’re down to be a token.

    And don’t forget that black gay spaces are often overflowing w shade culture. Ftom Ballroom (where you win prizes for it) to house parties that you only get invited to if you know about em. They’re clickish, everyone is too cool (or insecure) to talk to the ‘too cool’ or ‘insecure’ ppl next to them, and stays on their phones. Diff groups of friends all around the room talking sht and shading each other. Being mean ‘girls’. Not exactly creating atmospheres that make ppl feel welcome to get to know each other.

    And dating a white person is one thing, but where tf are Shaun T’s blk friends?! It says a lot about you when you decide to socialize white, exclusively.

    1. I’m sorry you feel this way, has your experience been similar to us all?

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