It’s Hard To Date When You’re EJ Johnson

ya know,
often times i feel like very invisible.
 no one tries to get at me.
it can feel like you are unwanted and lonely,
but i see i’m not the only one going through it.
ej johnson,
magic johnson’s son,
shared how dating as a gay male in his life is difficult.
this is what he had to say via “the daily mail”

EJ Johnson has said it’s not easy for him to date.

According to the reality TV star, 26, people just want to get close to his basketball icon dad Magic Johnson, 58, he told Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Willow Smith on Red Table Talk.

‘It’s always been a struggle. There’s so many factors. First of all, the celebrity thing — who are you here for, are you dating me or are you trying to date my dad?’ he said.

‘These men either just want to be there for one thing and then don’t want to stay for the real relationship part, or they just want to ride the wave and be bougie and go out and have their picture taken and do all of that.’ 

Smith asks him if he has introduced any beaus to Magic.

‘I have not, because every time I would be ready to something happens and then I’m like, “Okay,”‘ he said.  

i have a question...

Is Magic that big of a deal that gay males want to meet him?

i mean,
sure they can discuss how he contracted hiv,
but most males want to talk about his glory days in basketball.
is it enough to use ej just to have that riveting discussion?
i’ve realized that masculine or feminine,
it’s interesting how we may all be different,
but most of us share the same struggle in this life.
even if you are rich af,
you are still looking for someone to call your man.
from the outside looking in,
i thought it’d be easy for ej.

i always felt really feminine males that are extra,
or the ones who had access to the right circles,
had it easier when it comes to getting into a relationship.
i’m sure it’s easy to (get) fucked

…but it’s a whole lotta “nope”.
it’s always something.

lowkey: if only real life dating was like how jussie smolett met his alleged boyfriend.
i’m sure jussie went through it,
but he found someone that stuck around.

article cc: the daily mail

10 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Date When You’re EJ Johnson

  1. I agree 100%. His dating prospects are more numerous than the average black gay due to socioeconomic status and location, but he still can’t find a partner?? Nah fam something is rotten in Denmark. Like you said the average 20 y.o. gay don’t care about Magic old ass. But guess who does…..Older white men or straight men in general. And considering he has the mindset of a rich white girl I’m assuming he’s going for the former. Can’t empathize when the rest of us gotta sift thru scraps and leftover dudes and still poor af lol.

  2. I don’t feel any empathy for this stunt queen. He was born into wealth and privilege. Instantly had access to his choice of schools, travel, cars, awards shows, and celebrities. I’m calling bullshtt on his claim that people want access to his dad. The average 20 something gay black boy don’t give a f^ck about Magic Johnson. So what is the REAL reason why you can’t keep a man? Could it be that you are a cunty queen who secretly crave cisgender white men?

    I don’t know. I’m just asking the question 😗

    1. @bllackpegasus, Jesus Christ, what the hell died up your cooch?

      All these comments were at least respectful and you come in here with hate riding on the winds of the four corners of the earth.

      Y’see, I see this attitude on Queerty where for some reason other gay guys have to be exceptionally toxic , but this is too much. He did nothing to deserve that and is by and large a really decent person. Try and find some inner harmony, please. The world is toxic enough; don’t attack or family especially when they don’t deserve it.

    2. I was thinking something similar. At the end of the day a lot of guys might check for him at night but not want to be in a relationship with him.

      Not so much about his feminine qualities but his standards. He remindsme of those dudes who are young and attractive, have everything going for them only to be old and lonely.

      While he has everything he can ever want, it has isolated him from finding quality men. And especially after he lost weight his ego went through the roof. Yes you can have standards, but when you get older you realize you can’t be living lies in paradise, no fairytales.

      He’s going to learn the hard way and have to eat his words. He’ll realize his friends are all around him for his money and attention he brings. Until he finds himself he will neverbe happy.

      And he needs to stop blaming his father for his inadequacies. He brings attention to it, HELLO! his reality show was about rich kids in Beverly Hills.

  3. Not just gay males try to get him. Straight males will do strange things fir a handshake and an instagram like or share

  4. I think he looks cute and the feminine persona gives him a majetic apperance. Also, judging by the first poster comment about his, his interest and taste ties back to your past post of copycat dating with gay men.

  5. I have met EJ a few times and he is so nice. But EJ won’t entertain/date just anyone. He likes them tall like himself (he’s 6’2 or 6’3) and he perfers that they are well established and financially stable (a.k.a rich as hell)So I can imagine that it’s tough for him.

    1. ^damn!

      i can imagine he wants someone with long bread.
      i bet i won’t hear “he needs to lower his standards” when it comes to his preference.

    2. I don’t blame him for wanting to date a financially stabled guy. I’d be damned if I was well off and started dating a scrub or an opportunistic social climbing leech. Meeting somebody on your level is more fitting, that way you see each others intentions more clearly.

      I’m tall too so a tall guy is definitely a bonus.

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