I Loved, I Lost, I Got Some Crystals

i have been getting into owning crystals.
i’ve been hearing everyone talking about having them,
but i didn’t know what/how they worked.
i learned,
through my investigating,
that they all harness a certain power that may benefit you…

after reading about rose quartz,
and how it harnesses love and self love,
i order one off “the hoodwitch”.
after i cleansed and charged them,
i didn’t really notice a difference up front.
i was a believer when i brought it with me to work one day tho.
i put it on my desk when i was dealing with annoying situations.
it could have been coincidence,
but i felt like folks were hovering around my desk.
they would talk with me for a pretty long time.
again: could have been coincidence.
i do notice i feel a certain peace when i carry my rose quartz with me.

i ran into a street vendor on 125th that was selling crystals.
this beautiful piece of amethyst caught my attention.
it only cost me 5 dollars,
but it’s supposed to help with healing and stress.
do i need that right about now!
i’m very new to the whole crystal situation,
but i’m always willing to give anything a shot that could help.
if it doesn’t work,
at least i can cross it off my “been there; done that” list.
if any of the foxhole is into the crystals,
please share some of your tips on how you use them.

lowkey: next crystals on my list are…


x check out crystals from “the hoodwitch”
x learn to cleanse and charge crystals
x the different kind of crystals

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “I Loved, I Lost, I Got Some Crystals”

  1. Hmm. Crystals do have some power…but only what people attribute them with. Good or bad. Modern day Witches and warlocks use them too.

      1. I’ve heard some have some good energy and attracted some good things as well. Same thing for certsce candles and smells like peppermint and much more, which can also repel some unwanted insect friends.

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