Saturday Afternoon Was Spent In A Den of Wolves

i hung out with a straight wolf pack today.
well the one i know from work,
but he brought his home-wolves with him.
i decided to go to an brunch event.
it was in the city and it was a beautiful day out.
i was contemplating whether i was gonna go,
but i’m trying this new thing of “getting out the crib”.
since i’m cool with him at work,
and he promised to buy me food if i came out,
i decided to go.
i don’t turn down food.
i wore something real laid back casual…

white t shirt
ripped jean shorts
white low top sneakers
silk black and white ascot tied between the jean loops

as soon as i got to the city,
they were waiting for me around the corner.
i was nervous when i saw these 4 wolves posted up.
they were all attractive too.

they all had bawdies and better style.
there was this dark skinned one
my RAGING loins.
i get nervous around new straight wolves i haven’t met before.
i don’t know how they’ll take me.
as soon as i walked up to them,
i was shown so much love.
they complimented my outfit and one said he liked the “kanye” vibe.

pre “non maga” kanye,
i hope?

it helped me a lot tho.
i really miss male energy around me as i know a lot of vixens.
not saying they are bad or anything,
but the foxhole is my only other source of testosterone.

i had a real good time today.
they weren’t like the typical straights.
they were funny and it wasn’t all “bitch this; hoe that”.
they saw vixens they liked,
but they weren’t disrespectful.
i didn’t feel left out or awkward around them either.
they knew i was new so they let me in.
i’d love to find gays who act like this.
i found out there is a fox at work that likes me.

“he deadass was fiending to know if you was coming…” – straight home wolf said.

i’m cool with the fox,
but i’m not on that type of time with him.
he isn’t my type at all,
but i appreciated someone who found me attractive.
i’ve been feeling invisible for a while.
i almost started to think my name was “casper”.

i think i had too much to drink,
mixed with the food i ate,
because i started feeling sick.
they were gonna bounce to another event,
but i told them i was going home.
they all gave me dap and asked me if i wanted to chill again.
i’m down.
i called an uber and was out.
i hated to leave so early because i was having a good time,
but i knew i’d be no good out here.
as soon as i got in the crib,
i kid you not,
i got a text:

“yo what’s good?
i miss you man and checkin to see how you been…”

it was a number so i didn’t know who it was.
turns out that it was ww.
i don’t know if he was trying to be nosy or what,
but i kept it very short.
there will be no reconnecting on a friendship level.
once you cancel me; i cancel you.

20 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Was Spent In A Den of Wolves

  1. Ok I needed the post; I definitely got my LIFE. I echo the others, it’s good to get out the house. “life is for the living” is my mantra!!! The straight dudes that know your tea and are confident in their manhood are the best but also the most frustrating Asf because the dripping masculinity is intoxicating as a muthafucka! I invited a straight coworker from my last job over for drinks. He does spoken word and “rap” on the side as well. How we met was cool, I had just started and I had to do a ride-a-long as part of my training with the utility field team. I would be working on the project to upgrade the truck-onboard dispatch system. He was mad cool and by end of the day we knew more about each other than we had expected to learn. I’m new to the area and a mixologist so he was like “I should come through for a drink one Saturday when I’m off and maybe watch the game, gimme a chance to get away from my girl”. I was like cool, he gave me his cell and he says text me now so I can lock you in. Fast forward, he texted me one Saturday morning as I was coming home from the gym. “Yo what up, can I slide through”. I hadn’t saved his number so at first I was like WHO DIS

    When he got to my door; Jesus take the wheel. I low key sensed he had a body under them clothes. Fitted Nike T-shirt and jeans, fresh kicks, bald head glistening and beard was tight. I don’t even remember what I had on though. I made him a Long Island which he said “Oh damn you tryna get me fucked up”. Made the 2nd lighter. He was mellow and we just chit chatting about random shit. He goes to the bathroom but when he comes back zipping it up he’s adjusting his junk. I love a confident (not cocky) straight dude. Thinking to myself, ‘Yeah I caught that bruh’. Next thing I know, no bullshit, he says so what’s up and I licked my lips. I was like what and he stands up and takes off his clothes and socks but kept on the draws. Body was cut the fuck up and full back tattoo. On soft the pipe had weight to it. My heart was racing. “Come get on this dick”. He smelled good AF, the perfect hue of light musty and soap. He was huge I mean WTF type huge. He gets off the couch and stretches out on the floor, “let me feel them cakes”. “Be ye also ready” was truly resonated that day. After the mutual rimming and him beating my cakes into the carpet; all I could muster was “You done turnt me out”. That was that bisexual peen that dreams are made of. Selah.

  2. I always wondered what really happened btw you and ww. I think the general consensus in the comments way back when was for you to not write anymore posts about him but we never got the season finale (lol) as to what happened (unless I missed it). And because I’m nosey, I just always wanted to know. Maybe I should go back and check out the old posts to see if I missed something…

  3. Not trying to steer you wrong, but would u consider talking to WW again? We’re all on a journey and people can grow and change; you have, so maybe he has as well? He may have realized what a good friend you were and regret some of the things he did, as long as you take all you’ve learned from the first go around and exit the first sign of bullshit, I think you’d be ok hitting him bck and jus seeing what’s on his mind, if you actually want to at this point of course lol

    1. ^nah i’m good.
      im moving forward from that.
      i won’t be rude to him if he ever hits me up,
      but this fox has moved on from that forest.

      1. ^ Do me a favor and read your post above aloud to yourself. It has greater power when you speak it aloud.

  4. I waited to see what everyone else would say before I did a full post. (Sometimes I wait for comments because you have a few lurkers in the Foxhole I read their comments first that I wait for responses from)

    Anywho, I’m glad you’re getting out more and doing things and going after to pursue other things. I don’t care what anyone else has to tell you, I am 100% certain and have proof that the Universe works in tandem with how you orchestrate your life.

    I know it works because I’ve done it myself.

    I think it’s good for you to do this and also surround yourself with positive people. However, this post arouses my curiosity to see you in person now.

  5. I absolutely enjoyed reading this post, and I hope we get more like this. That’s right Jamari get out there and enjoy yourself. I also see that you’re out to the wolf that you work with and his friends know about you too? That’s what I like, straight wolves who are comfortable and secure in their sexuality and don’t mind to be around us. Oh and for work wolf, I’m glad you kept it short with him. He probably hit you up because I’m sure one of his relationships didn’t work out, now he needs you as a void to fill, someone who will give him love and attention. Jamari bro you’re evolving, going out with the straight wolves and not falling for work wolf keep that going.

  6. Happy to hear You had a good time. There is a new type of Same-Gender- Loving Man out there and he just might have been in that group!

  7. I’m glad you had fun, a fun day out around some male energy.

    P.S. Good move with WW, no need for that negative energy in your life again.

  8. my ex actually did me like this a couple months ago “I miss you? how have you been? we need to hang sometime soon? what games you play let’s game together?” I was just like “oh okay sure let’s do that one day sure” and blocked his horrid ass I can’t be around that type of relationship anymore no matter how alone I feel sometimes.

    Also I know what you mean I didn’t have a lot of really fun/great positive male energy it’s different and it feels great being around that. I just wish I was cool with being around a group of straight guys.

  9. when I seen this post, I had a feeling WW would be in it. good for you Jamari, respectful but give him NADA. tryna come around with that ‘hey bighead’ text, nah bruh.

    I miss that male energy too, friendship and dating wise. I was telling one of my good vixens this but she figures I can just tell her everything, which is coo and all but certain stuff she doesn’t get, like some of the gay struggles.

    1. ^im truly over that whole situation.
      i didn’t feel anxiety about it either.
      that friendship was toxic and i got my closure.

      i feel off right now.
      i wish i would have stayed and hung out more,
      but i couldn’t.
      i hope i get to chill with them again.
      if i could meet gays like this,
      i would be so happy.

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