Saturday Afternoon Was Spent In A Den of Wolves

i hung out with a straight wolf pack today.
well the one i know from work,
but he brought his home-wolves with him.
i decided to go to an brunch event.
it was in the city and it was a beautiful day out.
i was contemplating whether i was gonna go,
but i’m trying this new thing of “getting out the crib”.
since i’m cool with him at work,
and he promised to buy me food if i came out,
i decided to go.
i don’t turn down food.
i wore something real laid back casual…

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The IG Wolf With The Stylish Arms and Back


you just never know where jamari fox will be.
i was at an industry event the other day,
minding my business,
and a wolf i’ve written about walked in.
now i wouldn’t go as far as to call this wolf an “attentionisto”,
but his friend he hanngs tough with is.
now he was with two wolves.
one was shorter,
caramel complected,
with what appeared to be a curly mohawk.
the other was taller,
and with a low fade.
the wolf i wrote about was the finest in that wolf pack.
this is him…
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Chris Brown Gets Accused of Being Gay By Association

tumblr_o7yzjzgC7V1u2r94mo1_500remember when i use to call him “breezy wolf”?
good times.
chris brown,

always a favorite in the foxhole,
was called “gay” today.
i mean,
unlike any other days he has been called “gay”,
this reason was rather interesting.
so chris is collaborating with nike and olivier rousteing for the “nikelab collection”,
football nouveau line.
oliver is the head designer of balmain.
look him up.

well he went to the cité universitaire in paris,
where the event was held,
and did some photo-ops with oliver like so…
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Hey! Its Sparkly Fox! was pretty interesting.
it left me wondering…

Has God finally cut me a break?

so it started this morning
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I Got It All Around My Mouth

tumblr_mgulhmoAQQ1rmia5bo1_500_largei could just die tonight.
simply drop dead and die.
okay fine.
i’m being dramatic as fuck,
but i’m really in my feelings right now…
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Come KickBack and FREEFALL With Me (ATL)

Screen-Shot-2013-07-22-at-8.58.01-PMso as you know,
or don’t,
but i loved the series “FREEFALL”.
it is a youtube series about relationships and the dysfunctions they bring,
in a very different and interesting way,
written and directed by lamont pierre and geno brooks.
i spoke very highly of the show after i watched the first season.
well they reached out about an event freefall and juice crew ent are hosting.
i would love if all my atlanta foxholers to attend.
there will be alcohol involved and you’ll get to meet the cast.
sounds like fun,
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