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tumblr_static_aurora-borealis-beautiful-forest-northern-lights-sky-wolf-favim.com-58629today was pretty interesting.
it left me wondering…

Has God finally cut me a break?

so it started this morning

so the vp,
from one of the top fashion magazines,
came over to my department.
i have worked with her a few times.
she wanted to give me a magazine that wasn’t on stands yet.
as soon as she saw me:

“you look so handsome.
i love how you put yourself together.”

tumblr_mb75awS8t21qmfh3w…like she was all smilin’ up in my face.
to get a compliment from her was a big deal.
she is a big deal.
i am definitely on point.
she knows fashion.
today i had on:

light blue dress shirt
dark blue vest
dark blue tie with white polka dots
tie bar

dark blue pants
dark blue socks with white polka dots

brown belt
brown oxfords
red scarf
dark blue trench
brown bag
dark blue umbrella

a mixture of zara and h&m.
umbrella from duane reade.
after work,
i got invited to an event from one of our clients.
it was being held at a major hotel down the street from my job.
to be honest,
i was back and forth about going.
i was tired,
but i ended up making that the destination.
i invited the pretty vixen to tag along.
she was down.

i kid you not…

as soon as i entered,
so many people greeted me.

randoms who just wanted to talk to me

a majority were the whites.
three snow foxes were all over me.
not my type at all.
why couldn’t it have been one of the sexy models?
i just talked,
made eye contact,
and smiled at jokes i didn’t “get”.
i kept my body language open.
well they were grabbing up on my shoulders and rubbing my back.

“yeah they were definitely flirting with you jamari”

tumblr_mb75b8DgNG1qmfh3wthe fashion animals can be a little “bold” for my comfort.
i got business cards from each of them tho.
the pretty vixen was literally invisible as they were around me.
she reminded me this is the life i wanted.
to walk into a room and people lit up when they saw me.
the crazy part was that i wasn’t even shy either.
i was just being myself
with the help of the orange and vodka.
liquid courage does help.

tumblr_mb75fu4Y2D1qmfh3wwhen i left,
even though i had a good day,
and i had a better night,
i had to wonder…

Why do I feel so sad?

bad enough,
i got that new adele from one of my readers.
it made me cry just now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Hey! Its Sparkly Fox!”

    1. You know, I’ve been rubbing shoulders with individuals in the corporate world and real estate and it is astonishing how many men AND women are sleeping their way to the top.

      Sleeping around for job leads, mentors, etc.

      I must’ve been oblivious this whole time.

      I thought stuff like that only happened in the fashion and entertainment industry.

      1. ^YES!

        i have learned that too well over the years.
        this snow fox at my job moved up the ladder sleeping with his boss.
        he played the game well.
        they usually do.
        some of the blacks in corporate sleep around for long lunches and days off.

        hustling backwards.

  1. First of all I’m giving you an imaginary high five right now, sounds likes you “WORKED” that event and networked like a boss. 😝😝😝😝

    It doesn’t surprise me when you worked hard and dress fly people notice even if it doesn’t seem like it. I hope something good comes out of this for you.

    Even though you had a great time maybe you’re feeling a little down is because you got a taste of the life you’re aiming for, and now it’s back to the struggle. Nothing to worry about that life can’t be far around the corner of you keep slaying the way you are.

    1. ^it felt so liberating mikey.
      i have come a long way.
      i was telling new vixen that a couple years ago,
      this would never have happened.
      she said it has always been in me.
      i just needed life and all the shit I been through to help bring it out.

  2. Don’t u just LUV IT when your at your PERFECTION SELF!!??!!!… always leaves ya a lil sad (reminding me of Bette Midler in the movie ‘The Rose’..required Queen movie/Adele reference)

    1. ^i have been living in my insecurities way too long.
      im trying to sort them out as i climb my mountain.
      today i was at heights i never thought,
      or believed,
      i would see.

      1. “I have been living in my insecurities too long”…yep that sums it up. Enjoy life and don’t sweat the details. I’m way older than you. Life goes by fast. I find joy in everyday and realize troubles don’t last and things do work out.

  3. Soooo when you getting us some free stuff? Lol

    When you get your corner office I’m bringing my country ass up there to visit. LMAO

  4. I’m glad you had a wonderful time…Who knows maybe you will get promoted cause sometime these big time VPs are always looking for new people to move over their department to do bigger and better stuff and make more money….

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