Oh Where Has Empire Gone? (Oh Where Could It Be?)

tumblr_nwmcfmIcG31u1v1xpo1_500so lets talk about empire.
now before i go in,
i have no issues with the actors on the show.
everyone is doing an amazing job with the script they have been given.
my issue is…

2 episodes left and i’m still trying to figure out the point?
last season we knew what was happening as it went on,
but this season just seems like a bunch of thrown together scene vomit.
tumblr_m7jn9ixasl1rp62eqi will admit that this past episode was slightly better than last,
but its still a:

What is the point of all this?

if i had to write this second season:

1) lucious would have still been in jail,
building an empire of talent there.
he would have been tite that jamal was on the fuck shit with his company.
maybe controlling jamal to do his bidding from jail?

2) jamal would have went dark.
since he felt slighted by cookie and his brothers,
he would have been lashing out and causing havoc being in power.

3) cookie would still be cookie

4) boo boo kitty would not have been so ruined.
she would have been someone who was just as powerful.
she knows all the secrets and would have been either:

a) with jamal
b) with some surprise new character

5) andre is kinda irrelevant
wife being pregnant is irrelevant.
since lucious would have been in jail,
he would ave been battling jamal with hakeem to take him down

6) hakeem and this latina group would be irrelevant.
he would have been working on his career,
trying to take down jamal,
and maybe expand that kidnapping scene a lot more.

Blair-blair-waldorf-30471769-500-240it would have been juicy,
full of plot twists,
and extra servings of drama.
i also hate how some shows complete the drama in one or two episodes.
it tends to leave for filler episodes.
shows like “how to get away with murder”,
and even “scandal”,
know how to stretch on the point.
it leaves for more dialogue and better writing.
it also sets up for plot twists we don’t see coming.
boo boo kitty gone “boo boo krazy” is just so random.
i just hope “empire” can satisfy me before it leaves on its winter break.
is it bad that i probably won’t miss it?

lowkey: how sexy did alicia keys look for next week’s episode?


Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Oh Where Has Empire Gone? (Oh Where Could It Be?)”

  1. Well the finale is coming in two weeks. I guess we will see.

    Yea, I be feeling sad for Anika. However, she is sleeping with her ex’s son.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to watch first season so I can’t attest to it, but I’ve been watching season 2 and have bottom a “meh” vibe from it. Some episode I like and some I don’t nothing has been a “Get Your Life” kind of moment yet. So I hope that’s coming soon

    I really like Lusious and Cookie but everyone tends to get on my nerves and sometimes certain moments can come across corny (maybe it has to do with the whole musical vibe). Idk but I’m still on the ride and not ready to get off………..yet.

  3. Now that you mention it, what is the plot to this story? I thought it was about Cookie and her Lyon Dynasty company, but now I’m unsured

    1. The writing is horrible and the character development is terrible. The regular cast could have made this show go three or four seasons without needing outside filler celebrities. The show seems to be pushed as a gimmick instead of a cultural wave that could have made this show a lasting impression like the Cosby show. Lee please call Shonda…

  4. Vivica’s pop up character… where will this go?… Too many storylines for someone to follow. I’m almost over it

  5. Empire jumped the shark when Cookie came out in that gorilla suit and that gay Uncle Tom Don Lemon had a walk-on cameo. I just DVR and watch at leisure. It’s not a must see anymore. Too bad. It was really promising. Jamari they need to hire your ass as a writer because all your suggestions are spot on.

    1. ^empire could have been an epic show,
      but they destroyed it with the hype.
      these characters are going to be real dead ends come 4th season.
      if they get a 4th season.

  6. I’ve read that the SE1 writers wanted a raise, and Lee Daniels was too big headed to give them one, and replaced them all instead. It shows.

    I think the show is improving from it’s first episodes this season, but still not as good as SE1. The story lines are resolved too quickly, and Boo Boo Kitty is just kind of floating in the air. I liked her as the bougie socialite. Maybe Lee Daniels will learn something before they release part 2 of SE2.

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