He Outed Him; He Kilt Himself (Fair Trade?)

12183927_1487177674920283_3961616476104392064_oso markeith rivers has blood on his paws.
you know he is in the business of outing animals who are on the dl.
well he outed someone who ended up committing suicide.
here is the story via reportquickly


Up and coming rap artist, Guttah Kutthroat Redd, was found dead in his Charlotte home this afternoon after what looks like an apparent suicide last night. According to local authorities, Redd’s lover, Markeith Rivers, went to his home and found Redd’s body, face down in a tub, filled with bubble bath. Rivers claims he went to Redd’s house to apologize for the humiliation he caused him. A letter written to Rivers was also out on the scene.

 Guttah Kutthroat Redd was “outted” as gay on a popular urban blog yesterday. The popular blog posted a video with Guttah Kutthroat Redd and Markeith Rivers in an intimate setting, implying the two were sexually involved with each other. The video came as a shock to, as Guttah Kutthroat Redd has led a heterosexual lifestyle without any suspicion of being “down-low”. Although a suicide is suspected, an autopsy is scheduled for Monday, November 16th to confirm a cause of death.

The rapper who had a promising future leaves behind two children, a girlfriend and a host of friends and family.

here are the two alleged videos:


















the part that is wild to me is markeith just don’t give a fuck.
like none whatsoever.
its so disrespectful that it leaves me speechless.
he even liked a post someone put up about the alleged suicide:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 7.50.04 PM( x seen here )
now if this story is true,
but is pretty sad that life went on for markeith.
he posting more shit and outing more animals.
ya know i had a whole thing to say,
but i don’t even have the words anymore.
i hope whatever it is he wants to accomplish is worth it.

lowkey: don’t start that “this will give gays a bad name”.
this will give messy queens a bad name.
don’t confuse the two.

are these people blind?
that pineapple looks like he smells like:

“don’t trust me”

i don’t get it.
a nut inside some mess ain’t never that critical.

story found: reportquickly
pictures: mediatakeout | facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “He Outed Him; He Kilt Himself (Fair Trade?)”

  1. This he is dead part is a LIE LIE LIE I know this person they’re speaking on personally in real every day life and no he is NOT I repeat NOT dead he is still very much alive so get your facts correct on that part cause gay DL straight sideways backwards or horizontal you never wish death on anyone or say they are dead if they really aren’t

  2. I truly loath this markeith rivers. I sincerely hope some harm comes to him. No one deserves to be humiliated like this simply because some low life faggot ass worthless Queen needs to validate her self some kind of way so this punk chose to destroy people’s lives under the bulshit ass excuse of protecting women from dl men. Like these grown ass women can’t protect themselves by having safe fucking sex, furthermore, men who cheat can just as likely bring home and STI from a women. So if this punk was protecting women, the mother fucker would be butting these THOTS on blast too. that rivers punk just likes the attention, and wants to justify being a dick junkie by saying he helping women by exposing the men. Like how many fucking women does this dirty Queen expect to truly help by fucking their men one by one and selling the sex tapes online?? Low budget ass thot trying to create a weak ass porn business on the sly… I’d shoot the triflin bastard. Str8 up! I feel for these men. Some people aren’t ready to face their families. I’m sure at some point this dick sucker markeith was in the closet while he figured himself out. I know exactly what dude who killed himself was thinking… that’s crazy that this dude would do that to some body. Dude is str8, and now his niggaz know, his girl, moms, dad, Barber, cousins etc… like people seeing this man on tape, no denying nothing. Crazy yoo.. I hope a bitch shoot this punk.

  3. That dude is not even appealing at all to me, wtf would make somebody on the rise get involved with his ass???? He must have some dollars he is throwin their way. I recognized messy queen within 5 seconds of the first vid. These pineapples are so damn stupid

  4. This is what the small print at the bottom of the website says: “Reportquickly.com is a combination of real shocking news and satire news. Please note that articles written on this site are for entertainment and satirical purposes only.” As for if it’s real, I believe it is. Or Markeith wants us to believe it is…

  5. I’m just trying to figure out why guys still fuck with this fag. Ugh! If I saw him in person I would personally beat his ass. I’m 100% sure he doesn’t show his face in in Charlotte anymore.

    1. he’s on the streets of Charlotte. You can find him at the County Courthouse on any given Monday. Escorted to and from his car.

  6. please tell me this isn’t true…i DESPISE MEN who intentionally try to fuck up people lives…I’m an out gay male, but i usually deal with dl men because i like to have privacy in my life and i would NEVER expose a man i’ve dealt with. Lord knows sometimes it can be a bbit much but the guy i talked too knew that he, himself, was gay, nor wasn’t into females he just wasn’t out…I want somebody to FUCK Markeith up, whether this story is real or not…If he was in Philly he would have been dead by now…and lastly it’s so sad that our culture is so fucked up that people have to live a life of fear in regards to being paranoid about being exposed….

    1. Why you so mad tho. Is it because you want more dl dick and know dudes will be scared. So is it not wrong for these men to betray ppl.

      1. just seeing this comment months later not mad at all I’m an out man and if i deal with someone they’re discreet, not betraying anyone there is a difference. However if you deal with DL men how are you going to expose them when you’re just as guilty as they are. You can’t sleep with someone elses man or married men and then say ‘i’m going to expose them” because you were perfectly fine with their lifestyle before but when they don’t want to deal with you anymore it’s a problem and Markeith and people like him are malicious. They only seek to destroy people’s lives and or make fun of people. If he thinks it’s bad he wouldn’t continue to deal with DL men and try to expose them, that in itself is an oxymoron. You can’t like something and hate it at the same time..have a good day

  7. Outting people is a dangerous game. Not just because the person you out may take their life, but they may take yours. Markeith Rivers quick to get killed by someone, he better watch himself.

  8. It is very sad tale. As the proverbial saying goes amongst DL dudes…never mess with someone who doesn’t have as much to lose as you.

  9. Sad and Heartbreaking. Markeith gets a thrill out of outing people and has a paypal account being funded by many people paying to see people outed and to join his group and added as a friend. This guy has ruined so many people lives and is not losing any sleep about it. I can not grasp how a person could be so heartless towards others. If he don’t change his ways, he will probably be killed like the DLchillspot Ceo. R.I.P Guttah Kutthroat Redd

  10. This is not true. If this was real it would be all over my local news. This guy has a bounty on his dreads. When he’s missing …all these crazy females who are pushing him to be their Robin Hood won’t come looking for him. He is mentally sick.. He is getting a thrill out of posts like this and mediatakeout for making him some internet celebrity. This guy thats supposely killed himself is part of a local hip hop label in Charlotte and his boys have kicked him out the group. His grandma has made threats to MR
    Its just a matter of time before you will be posting his obituary.

      1. I don’t know where he is, but he’s not in the obituaries in the Charlotte Observer. That was a satire website, and they are saying Lindsey Lohan’s father died also. Hopefully Miles aka Guttah is somewhere waiting for Markeith and he beats his ass so bad he can text anymore. I know someone who he claimed was gay and it was not 1% true. So Markeith can disappear for all I care. He is distroying families.

    1. “Reportquickly.com is a combination of real shocking news and satire news. Please note that articles written on this site are for entertainment and satirical purposes only.” The site is a mix of satire and real shocking news. When it comes to Markeith, that would be the real shocking news portion lol.

  11. This is so heartbreaking and its a sad commentary on how fucked up people really are markeith is a monster and really needs to be dealt with his ruining people’s lives and bad karma well be bitch when it catches up with him he should be persecuted at the stake and I hope the people who got satisfaction out him being outed I hope they realize he was somebodys son,brother,and father and just some freak show.

  12. He better hope he doesn’t get prosecuted for his apparent suicide. Thats a whole other shit and Yes thats a Messy Queen that now has to deal with guilt.

    1. You can’t be charged with murder if someone commits suicide unless you told them to do it. Even then it’s a stretch. Depending on NC laws he could be charged with taping someone without their knowledge.

  13. This is so sad, smh it’s just another lesson of being careful who you let around you because you never know their true intentions.

    Yes Katma will get this guy, believe it.

  14. I saw that the video clip up the other day, but I never thought this would happen. Smh. Damn. This dude will get his karma.

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