How All These Feels Crashed Upon My Head

tumblr_mc66c30oDd1rzi3f6o1_250so i’ve been all up in my feels.
all thanks to my fav f-bi.
why am i all up in my feels,
you ask?
well here is why...

adele1so i had to chance to listen to adele’s new album,
and i realllllllllly like it.
its been on repeat all day.
it got me a little more emotional than i should be.
adele is definitely not for everyone.
not everyone “gets her”.
she is an acquired taste.
in 2015,
jamari fox gets her.
i swear to everything she is singing about my life this year.
so much so,
i busted out crying during “love in the dark” and “water under the bridge”.
“water under the bridge” tho…

it was so bad,
i had to close the door from mi seeing me.
i don’t plan on having those moments often.
so get you a drink,
spark up a little something,
burn some incense,
and just let the album play all the way through.
sometimes a good “feels session” cry is what you need.
adele’s “25” is out now.

lowkey: karoake tried to play me today.
i told her i cried listening to the two tracks.
this was the conversation…

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.41.58 PMtumblr_nxhrr6jQIB1t0hwheo2_250thank you universe.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “How All These Feels Crashed Upon My Head”

  1. I am gone curse you out if we ever meet. Adele should not be in rotation unless your man is around for some healing.

    Off topic:

    How did you feel about HTGAWM last night?

    Social media was lit out about that show and Viola performance.

    1. CHILLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEE, did not see Wes going ape shit psycho like that!!!!

      Side note, it seems like every season is simply going to have that feel of WTF did they do now.

      1. IKR. I can’t wait til February, I wonder what the connection is between Annalise and Wes. Out of everyone I feel like Conner could be let go and would not be missed, his bf is a more like-able character.

  2. Adele and my godmother, Sade, are my favourite musicians. But don’t laugh, but…… Minnie Riperton – Loving You is one song that makes me cry. Idk why tho…. Every time I listen to it I just imagine a 70’s prom with this beautiful girl raised by her grandmother who went to prom her friends. As soon Loving You plays she feel a little dizzy and while everyone is dancing, she closes her eyes and never wakes up….. Clean Heart by Sade and Unchained Melody by Righteous Brothers are other music that gets me emotional

    1. YES to the Sade reference! Love her!

      Adele is good, but Sia is more my style. They’re both great people and really talented though!

  3. I’m digging this album it feels even more personal and calm than the last two.

    My faves are : million years ago and all I ask

    This woman has a way of expressing the tumroil of love that nobody else has.

  4. I love Adele but thus far not in love with it. I feel like it’s another “19” and reminding me that I’m older at 25 lol. But maybe I need more time. I do like Ty dollar Sign and Bryson Tiller albums.

  5. This one didn’t impress me. There are only four tracks on the entire CD that I like, whereas on 21 I was listening to that disc from start to finish. I had a feeling that would happen with her new release, but I’m sure it will be a big seller nonetheless.
    It’s crazy that artists usually have their biggest musical moment when they put their pain out there for everyone to feel. Adele, Mary J. Blige, Pink, Beyonce are just some examples.

    1. ^omg i thought you would like it c!
      you are always my go to music foxholer…

      you know whats funny?
      i never got “pain” from a beyonce record.
      most of the times,
      she is just singing to me.
      good music,
      but she never made me cry.

  6. After hearing “Hello” 100x over the last 2 weeks I’m a little disappointed in the songs. 19 was wonder – 21 was a instant classic… 25….?? maybe I grew up and Adele is stick stuck. Her husband/ baby daddy has to be one helluva man to sit back and let her continue to write about her ex. I feel this cd will flame out before spring. There is no follow up single like “Someone Like You” on here.

    1. ^not even “all i ask”?
      that seems like the fan favorite.

      i really like the 3 unreleased tracks from the target exclusive.
      “can’t let go” is currently on repeat.
      “send my love (to your new lover) is another getting repeat spins in my crib.

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