Adele Is Trying To Make Me Sick

latestthis song came right on time for me.
i have been ignoring my adele albums like the plague.
i knew if i listened to anything from her,
i’d be all in my feelings.
well the other day i was on apple music and saw she had a new single.

“send my love (to your new lover)”

i was excited because that is my favorite song off the “25” album.
i also relate to it quite heavy nowadays.
well she premiered the video during the #bbmas and well…
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So We Have A New Queen?

adele-rollingstone-cover-2015-billboard-510i have been listening to “25” non stop since it came out.
its like i’ll hear one song and have it on repeat for a few hours.
right now,
i’m killin’ “send my love (to your new lover)”.
i’m actually impressed with adele tho.
she knows the art of going away.
she lets her public miss her.
she also has a fan base who buys her music.
she doesn’t do what the others vixens do.
always having to supply attention out of insecurity.
she is a very private person and lets her music speak to you.
i guess thats why she sold ( x 3.5 million albums ) this week.
it also helped she didn’t allow any streaming.
so while other stan bases are fuming,
and having online temper tantrums,

 i guess this means she gets the…
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A nice quiet Tuesday night it has been!

I turned my phone off and decided to read up my favorite blogs.
I was in the middle of this blog on

and thought it would be the PERFECT thing to post AFTER “Meet Me at….”
I needed to read this and I feel other bottoms

should be reading this.

I really appreciate his blog
because he brings the truth to and about our lifestyle.
Check him out and check out the rules after the jump…