go “easy on me” is what adele must be thinking as we indulge in her latest

when “hello” from adele came out back in 2015,
i was dealing with a lot to feel sad about.
i was in “crush” with a work wolf that would end a year later.
it was legit “hello from the other side” when we stopped speaking.
that song would become a blanket of comfort i would listen to over and over.
i like songs that come out and speak about your exact situation.
you bee like:

have you been stalking me?!?!?”

 my favorite part of that song was the background vocals during the bridge.
they described my emotions at that moment.


it is literally one of my favorite songs from adele.
it would be on the soundtrack of my life.
i waited patiently because spotify told me the song was gonna be released at 7pm.
i was listening to wizkid and his album ended right at 705pm.
you know a fox gotta come fashionably late.

my thoughts

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adele is right on time to give us “sad girl fall”

you couldn’t not tell me adele’s first single would be a reggae-inspired bop.
one that speaks about heartbreak with a fuckboi on a nice dancehall riddim.
it would have us shouting “bop! bop!” as we weep.
adele teased her new single,
easy on me“,
on her twitter…

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everything to make you put that extra cake or the bottle of henny down (big belly business)

during the battle between beenie man vs bounty killer on versuz,
the main talk was:

  1. How fucking amazing it was!
  2. The belly on Beenie Man

 beenie was a real slim wolf in his prime so i’m sure age had a lot to with it.

i’ve heard that overindulgence of alcohol starts to show up in your stomach first.
ive seen guys go from having abs to having serious beer bellies due to drinking high key.
that abusing hard likka will catch up to ya eventually.
i was wondering if this was the same situation with busta rhymes?
remember he was muscular thick back in the day?

he put up his recent weight loss journey on ig a few days ago..

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Adele Is Trying To Make Me Sick

latestthis song came right on time for me.
i have been ignoring my adele albums like the plague.
i knew if i listened to anything from her,
i’d be all in my feelings.
well the other day i was on apple music and saw she had a new single.

“send my love (to your new lover)”

i was excited because that is my favorite song off the “25” album.
i also relate to it quite heavy nowadays.
well she premiered the video during the #bbmas and well…
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (47)

tumblr_m45cbkaexS1r4yegro1_5001what do you do when you stand before the judge for kidnapping?
you sing an adele song.
that’s right.
this ragga-jackal did just that and well…
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So We Have A New Queen?

adele-rollingstone-cover-2015-billboard-510i have been listening to “25” non stop since it came out.
its like i’ll hear one song and have it on repeat for a few hours.
right now,
i’m killin’ “send my love (to your new lover)”.
i’m actually impressed with adele tho.
she knows the art of going away.
she lets her public miss her.
she also has a fan base who buys her music.
she doesn’t do what the others vixens do.
always having to supply attention out of insecurity.
she is a very private person and lets her music speak to you.
i guess thats why she sold ( x 3.5 million albums ) this week.
it also helped she didn’t allow any streaming.
so while other stan bases are fuming,
and having online temper tantrums,

 i guess this means she gets the…
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