go “easy on me” is what adele must be thinking as we indulge in her latest

when “hello” from adele came out back in 2015,
i was dealing with a lot to feel sad about.
i was in “crush” with a work wolf that would end a year later.
it was legit “hello from the other side” when we stopped speaking.
that song would become a blanket of comfort i would listen to over and over.
i like songs that come out and speak about your exact situation.
you bee like:

have you been stalking me?!?!?”

 my favorite part of that song was the background vocals during the bridge.
they described my emotions at that moment.


it is literally one of my favorite songs from adele.
it would be on the soundtrack of my life.
i waited patiently because spotify told me the song was gonna be released at 7pm.
i was listening to wizkid and his album ended right at 705pm.
you know a fox gotta come fashionably late.

my thoughts

so when i first heard the song on spotify,
i wasn’t really captivated by it.
its her signature big balled so she is on brand.
i didn’t know what she was singing about compared to “hello”.
i did like these lyrics:

There ain’t no gold in this river
That I’ve been washin’ my hands in forever
I know there is hope in these waters
But I can’t bring myself to swim
When I am drownin’ in the silence

Baby, let me in

something about that hits the bottom of my spirit hard.

the video was giving me “hello” part 2.
she seems to like her abandoned shacks in the forest.
i felt like the video helped push the song a little,
but i wasn’t drawn to it immediately like i was with “hello” or her other songs.
it’s a “sad girl/boy” song,
but it’s…


we can bet shonda rhimes will be adding this to a scene on “grey’s anatomy” pretty soon.
it seems like a song that would be at the end of some breakup scene.

i’m sure once i get a full breakdown of the lyrics,
i’ll be like “CAN RELATE” and listen to it until my brain vomits.
i’m not feeling depressed over a wolf these days.
i purged the latest wolf,
out of my system so i don’t need a blanket of comfort right now.
i’ve actually been listening to a lot of drake these days.
the good news is i’m humming “go easssssssssssy on me bay-bayyyyy” so that is a good sign.

Did you like “Easy On Me”?

her new album,
will be out november 19th.

8 thoughts on “go “easy on me” is what adele must be thinking as we indulge in her latest

  1. Every 4-5 years Adele released a slightly altered version of literally the SAME SONG and the girls act like she re-invented the wheel. Same structure, same theme, different lyrics. It’s giving one trick pony. Convince me she can sell a different vibe or have an era that doesn’t look exactly like the previous one. Until then, she’s just another a-list white talent with mid-level talent.

  2. While I will be watching the 30-era performance (sales and streams wise), this song gets a “no” from me. It just sounds like “another Adele song”, nothing special or memorable. I’m sure it will sit at number one for a minute because people are hungry for her music. I am curious about what else she’s got in store, tho…

  3. it took you a while to get here but now that you’re here- what an entrance! A Triumph!! Thank you. I was starved for good music, good Adele music!

  4. Its not epic like her other singles, but the perspective feels very mature. I believe she is talking about the mistakes she made when she was younger and lacked the experience to know better, And is asking us to not judge her so harshly. Maybe it applies to the marriage that she was so happy about in her last album only to go through a tough divorce. Hindsight is twenty twenty and we must all be a little kinder to ourselves. Unfortunately we didn’t know then, what we know now.

    1. Thank you for breaking it down for Jamari. This is a SONG!! It’s the maturity for me in the lyrics. I know this album is going to speak to me because her and I are the same age going through that whole 30 change of life. We have to extend grace and forgiveness to ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made in the past from not knowing better. Then we extend that same grace to other people.

      I don’t think you become grown until you hit 30 and really start to put your life into perspective and heal the wounds and scars of youth. Not everyone gets to that point but for the ones that do, it’s like a beautiful metamorphosis. The butterfly emerges and flies off to conquer its truest potential. Welcome back Adele!

      Her vocals sound delicious from the time off and weight loss.

  5. Adele worked those vocal runs, I loved this song. It has a country gospel feel to it. The pleading tender,, melancholy feeling it evokes is going to ensure this is her next hit. Erykah Badu’s Green Eyes was my go to, like Hello was for you. That brown skinned boyfriend is changing her whole outlook, hunty.

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