make america great again with the black american flag? (pending civil war?)

i didn’t even know the black american flag was a thing.
i failed history class.
i haven’t seen ^this hat or the minions who wear it in a long time.
i figured trump went underground since he got banished from the center stage.

Remember when he use to tweet nonsense at like 3 am?

it was like we were always on edge during those dark days.
who woulda thunk we would still be in darker days due to the panny?
it seems like trump is building an army for his take over.
a foxholer sent me the following,
according to “salon“…

In one troubling new development, Trump supporters have begun flying all-black American flags, in an implicit threat to harm or kill their opponents — meaning nonwhite people, “socialist liberals,” Muslims, vaccinated people and others deemed to be “enemies” of “real America.” As media critic Eric Boehlert recently noted, the liberal opinion site Living Blue in Texas is sounding the alarm about the specific meaning of the black flag and the Republican-fascists support for terrorism and other political violence. That post, “Are Your Republican Neighbors Planning on Killing You?”, merits lengthy quotation:

It didn’t take long to find hundreds of videos where these Trumpers and so-called patriots were hanging black American flags. …

Black American flags are the flags that mean “no quarter shall be given.” They are the opposite of the white flag of surrender.

According to the people on TikTok and the Sun (British tabloid), the black American flag originated in the civil war and was flown by the Confederates.

It means that they will not surrender, will not take prisoners, and are willing to die for their cause. It means they will execute their enemies.

Who are their enemies? Pretty much any non-Conservative. You know, Democrats, Liberals, LGBTQ, BIPOC, and the vaccinated. …

So, we’re the enemy, and they’re openly professing to want to execute us. … So, why are they doing this

Covid vaccinations, mostly. They believe that Joe Biden has declared a civil war on them by mandating that employers with over 100 employees and the military have vaccinations.

Yes, they say civil war, and they say it’s already started. But, unfortunately, many of them also live in states where masks and vaccines are required by state governments, healthcare, and law enforcement.

i done told ya’ll that he was a batman villain.

even though he got banished,
he might have been building his allies for a takeover.
i’m truly nervous at is what’s to come.
i pray for all of my foxholers in red states.

i got a question for the foxhole tho…

Do you think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been doing a good job so far?

this is a safe space so be as honest as you can be.

article cc: salon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “make america great again with the black american flag? (pending civil war?)”

  1. J, why are you paying attention to Tik Tokkers & a British tabloid LOL. Up your game w/reputable sources because those suck donkey dicks!

    Recently there was a rally by the right last month to support the attack on the capitol that was very poorly attended. I really think the people who are supporting tRump are in the minority but just know how to make a lot of noise w/the media. Check this out: Having said all that, I don’t think they should be underestimated at all. Best to keep an eye on them & wtf they’re up to.

    Not heard of the black flag before. Very odd.

  2. Ppl better look out for Desantis and he could potentially be running and he is the mini me Donald trump. The lawless and crimes in may make ppl turn a leaf and we already know how Texas is.

    1. I believe they are going to self destruct. Implode from within, and then trump will tell the bedbugs that he controls to stay home and not vote, in order to punish the Republican Party. DeSantis, Abbott, Tate Reeves, Bill Lee and the small dick white boys will slink away and suck ass. Trump is going to surely punish the GOP.
      Actually, they used Trump to get the judges, to normalize inhumanity, racism, evil in general. The kkk hoods are off. They are killing their voters with the anti- masking mandates.
      White folks that are low income are blinded, in that they don’t see themselves as poor niggers to the rich, but they are. They are just as dispensable as any brown skinned minorities.

  3. The Dems seem pretty inept at how to fight and hammer home THEIR message until people are forced to listen. Trying to be moderate is not going to work against the GOP/Trumpsters. The Biden-Harris administration will most probably be forgotten the minute the election is done. Biden was only a placeholder, anyway. I just hope the Democrats can learn (and put into practice) from how the cult of Trump plays the game.

    1. “Do you think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been doing a good job so far?”

      FUCK NO!!!!!

      Biden’s approval rating has plummeted amongst Black Americans (and others).

  4. Down South between Kentucky and Arkansas, this shit is slow burning. Whites are throwing nigger word bombs around like firecracker’s. They are emboldened and unapologetic. The Democrats are sitting on their ass singing or thinking it’s a Kum Ba Yah world; it just isn’t any longer.
    While they have the power, they better use it. Show their fangs and quit the bullshit in fighting. They look really dumb and very amateurish. Unity is all the foundation holding steady. A table with four legs cannot stand or remain anchored on three.

  5. These Dumb-Backwards Azz TERROSIST are out-numbered!!!!

    And I aint even counting Black Folks. White folks are gonna be fighting each other while the rest of us sit back and watch. This is simply a repeat of went on last year and what is going on since January 6 2021 assault on the capital.

    Black people have always lived under crazy racist and oppressive whites and this government.

    We don’t care if its Trump or Biden we gonna survive and thrive!!!!

      1. It’s serious and the Democrats are sitting on their ass singing kum ba yah and those days are over..A four legged table cannot stand on three legs. Unity calls for the whole foundation to be anchored properly. They, thus far, are mucking it up.

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