what on earth happened to jelani day?

jelani day.
has the foxhole heard about this story yet?
if not,
you may need to sit down because it’s a lot to unpack.
jelani day was a 25-year-old graduate from chicago who went missing this past august.
according to “whnt” when he first went missing:

Alabama A&M University (AAMU) graduate Jelani Day has been missing for nearly a month, and with his disappearance getting national attention, a protest planned for Saturday demanding the FBI get involved.

25-year-old Jelani Day, an Illinois State University (ISU) graduate student, was last seen the morning of August 24 walking into the “Beyond/Hello” store in Bloomington, Illinois. His family in Danville as well as a faculty member reported him missing when he failed to show up for class for several days. His car was found in a wooded area in Peru, Illinois on August 26.

The last time his family spoke to him was August 23.

how they found his body has raised a lot of eyebrows.
i’m warning you that the following nature is graphic

The corpse had no eyeballs, only sockets. The river’s water had run her course, soaking the body through and through.

The body was missing its front top and bottom teeth, Day and Bezner said, citing a second autopsy performed by a private forensic pathologist at the request of the family. His jawbone had been “sawed out.”

The family’s private forensic pathologist could find no brain, according to Day and her attorney. No organs. Neither liver. Nor spleen.

Bezner said the LaSalle County coroner had explained that, according to their pathology report, the organs were “completely liquefied.”

The body had suffered innumerable fish and turtle bites and was maggot-infested, said Bezner, citing information both she and Day said they received from the LaSalle County Coroner’s Office, which has not yet released its autopsy report to the family, according to Day and Bezner.

The genitalia were unidentifiable, according to the private forensic pathologist’s report, but determined to be “flayed,” according to the county coroner’s forensic pathologist, Bezner said.

absolutely horrific.
i cannot even imagine how his poor mother reacted when she heard that news.
jelani was in that river for around 23 days.

Could being immersed in water cause that much damage?

this isn’t a crime of passion.
i hate to be that person but this goes down a deeper and darker path.

ya know,
i’ve heard stories of alleged organ harvesting.
that is where hyenas kill you and take out all your organs to be sold.
it’s some alleged black market shit you probably hear about on those conspiracy reddits.
i feel like something similar happened to jelani day.
this isn’t some normal shooting or stabbing.
this feels like there is more to this story.
what happened to jelani day?
what happened after he was last spotted?
who did he see?
where did he go?

i hope we get answers soon so his family can get closure.
sending love and light to his loved ones.


lowkey: this story reminds me of ( x rashawn brazell ) and of course,
( x emmett till ).

article cc: chicago sun times | whnt

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “what on earth happened to jelani day?”

  1. Horrific to say the least and mum the word. All we see on CNN is the case with the white girl and this guy is like chopped liver. The funny thing is his mother said it was rumor that his organs were missing! So who are we to believe? Sad Sad Sad

    1. ^ i hope she isn’t being honest about what happened.

      this is a wild story and unless they have phone records/texts/his location being on,
      its gonna be hard to solve this one.
      i pray there find a shred of evidence.

    2. CNN was the first place I saw this case, and they followed up with family after they ruled this a suicide. Media does ignore most cases but the family was front and center getting this story out.

    3. I said the same thing. Yes it’s sad that white Gabby girl was murdered but they’ve been going nonstop with her case, and frankly at this point I couldn’t care less about if the boyfriend killed her or not. Yet cases like this get covered today and forgotten tomorrow. I had never heard about it and I watch CNN daily. I wondered is/was this a Grindr/Jackd situation gone “Silence Of The Lambs”? Who knows these days. There is no way fishes or turtles or water could do that much damage in just 3 days!!! I pray they find the answers in this case.

  2. I mean do you guys think there was foul play here?
    His organs weren’t missing, they were removed during the first autopsy to see how he died.

    The mom demanded a second autopsy with a private pathologist but he never said the organs were missing because of course they would be since they were removed with the first autopsy. So the mom had to come back and apologize to the public for that misinformation. I believe neither pathologist detected any foul play just death by drowning – meaning most likely suicide.

    The body had been in the river for a long time and was filled with water so fishes will usually eat on it. Which is why they couldn’t identify him.

    This is heartbreaking and I think this young man was sad and depressed and always checking on others when no one really asked him if he was okay. People like that tend to feel extremely lonely in their decisions to no longer go on.

    This is not the first case of alleged suicide where black moms choose the narrative that their sons were targeted and murdered.

    I remember this one story where this young black man who was staying with his grandmother had gone missing for two years! TWO YEARS!!! Then someone finally checked her attic and his body was there. He had committed suicide and no one knew not even his grandmother in the same house.
    For one to commit suicide and for no one to even notice kind of goes to show why someone would commit suicide in the first place. They feel like no one cares!

    RIP young brother!

    1. I believe that there is foul play involved in this young man’s case.

      However, that story of the person missing for two years and the entire time the body is in the attic. How in the hell did they not smell the body decomposing?

    2. His jawbone was sawed out. Doesn’t sound like a suicide to me. No brain? This young man was clearly targeted and brutally murdered. This case deserves more attention than the Gabby Petito case.

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