what on earth happened to jelani day?

jelani day.
has the foxhole heard about this story yet?
if not,
you may need to sit down because it’s a lot to unpack.
jelani day was a 25-year-old graduate from chicago who went missing this past august.
according to “whnt” when he first went missing:

Alabama A&M University (AAMU) graduate Jelani Day has been missing for nearly a month, and with his disappearance getting national attention, a protest planned for Saturday demanding the FBI get involved.

25-year-old Jelani Day, an Illinois State University (ISU) graduate student, was last seen the morning of August 24 walking into the “Beyond/Hello” store in Bloomington, Illinois. His family in Danville as well as a faculty member reported him missing when he failed to show up for class for several days. His car was found in a wooded area in Peru, Illinois on August 26.

The last time his family spoke to him was August 23.

how they found his body has raised a lot of eyebrows.
i’m warning you that the following nature is graphic

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