go “easy on me” is what adele must be thinking as we indulge in her latest

when “hello” from adele came out back in 2015,
i was dealing with a lot to feel sad about.
i was in “crush” with a work wolf that would end a year later.
it was legit “hello from the other side” when we stopped speaking.
that song would become a blanket of comfort i would listen to over and over.
i like songs that come out and speak about your exact situation.
you bee like:

have you been stalking me?!?!?”

 my favorite part of that song was the background vocals during the bridge.
they described my emotions at that moment.


it is literally one of my favorite songs from adele.
it would be on the soundtrack of my life.
i waited patiently because spotify told me the song was gonna be released at 7pm.
i was listening to wizkid and his album ended right at 705pm.
you know a fox gotta come fashionably late.

my thoughts

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WOLF MEAT: (431)

tumblr_o2m1oiA4hy1rlvok5o1_1280i’m really likin’ this view.

lowkey: am i the only one who gets turnt on seeing pants that fit?
the outline>>>>>>>

Don’t Bring Socks To The Beach

tumblr_n4d8fhUQVV1r7993do1_1280mad at the socks and big feet tho.
i don’t mind this view at all.

look at those thighs.
i can just imagine what everything will look “wet ‘n’ hard” tho…

lowkey: i feel like ive written about him before…

WOLF MEAT: (296)

tumblr_mktwlvmGtT1qjvnc4o1_500how you like this view?
the slopes?
the terrain?
the peaks?
the valley low?

looks like
something you may want to climb.
what about this one?…

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Chris Paul Takes You Back To Prep School

gq is on a roll.
first victor and now chris?
they never let me down.

everyone knows chris paul is a looker and one of the best point guards in the league.
everyone knows i love clothes and style.
well then everyone should know i would post about his spread in the latest gq

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Savannah James Gives No Fucks About Not Enjoying The Good Life

I think Savannah James,
Lebron’s Fiance,
is absolutely gorgeous:

Well she wanted us to see what life was like through her eyes

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