Chris Paul Takes You Back To Prep School

gq is on a roll.
first victor and now chris?
they never let me down.

everyone knows chris paul is a looker and one of the best point guards in the league.
everyone knows i love clothes and style.
well then everyone should know i would post about his spread in the latest gq

this is the look for this season.
the preppy school look.
i know, i know…
you can still keep your nerd glasses in rotation.


but anyone who knows chris paul,
knows he is carrying a nice round tail behind him.

i know those tight ass pants were quite the view from the back…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Chris Paul Takes You Back To Prep School”

  1. Love Chris Paul, but hate skinny jeans. Very few can (and should) wear them.

    He looks like he thinks either high water is coming or he is about to plant some cabbage or collard greens with those rolled up pants. I hate rolled up pants/jeans. That has never been attractive. Never.

    Most of those pics were a miss (like the cover, that tie and those jeans need to vanish). Some of top pieces were all kinds of wrong. A man’s scrotum needs to breathe. It was believable with Cruz, they tried it and failed with Paul.

  2. I love Chris Paul. Aside from his good looks, he has a beautiful personality. Very caring, very charming.

    I like the looks too. They were aiming for a casual prep look.

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