do you like it raw and un-washed in your mouth?


How do you clean your chicken?

i was taught by star fox to wash my chicken off in water first.
after wash it in lemon juice and vinegar.
when that’s done,
take off all the fat and season to my liking.
i use a ton of seasonings,
i let mine sit in seasoning for a day or two before i cook it.
dr. oz says you shouldn’t wash your chicken at all.
this is what he said on “the breakfast club“…
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The Fire Beez Hot

giphyyou gotta be careful what you ask for.
god will provide you with it,
but it will come with a price.
if you’re lucky,
the price might b absolutely free of charge.
in some cases,
you may have to give up something….
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The Return of the Golden Crown

i didn’t realize i wasn’t wearing my crown until today…
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When The Season Ends; The Baller Wolf Hunting Begins

tumblr_mxgxlzjZgb1r78dgto1_1280well foxhole,
you know what time it is…
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Derrick Rose Says Goodbye Once Again

tumblr_lv2ky9W1Vu1qe6vsbo1_500well this is sad news for nba baller wolf,
derrick rose

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“The Trap” Meet Beyonce. Beyonce Meet “The Trap”.

beyonce released her new music finally.
i was getting worried.
everyone get a taste of what she is bringing this season.
i think you all may like it…

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