Derrick Rose Says Goodbye Once Again

tumblr_lv2ky9W1Vu1qe6vsbo1_500well this is sad news for nba baller wolf,
derrick rose

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will miss the rest of the season after undergoing knee surgery Monday, the team announced.

The 2010-11 league MVP had the medial meniscus repaired in his right knee at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

The surgery was to be performed by Dr. Brian Cole, who performed the ACL surgery on Rose’s left knee in May 2012.

Heading into the procedure, there appeared to be two options for repairing Rose’s knee. He could have had the meniscus, or a portion of it, removed and been back on the floor in a matter of weeks. Having the meniscus reattached, which appears to be the route Rose and the Bulls took, sidelines him four to six months.

While the first procedure would have put him back on the court sooner, many players who have had that procedure, including Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, say that it causes more problems later in a player’s career.

It appears that with the 25-year-old Rose the organization chose to take the longer approach with the hope that he can return to being the same player as before his first knee injury.

damn that sucks.
this was suppose to be his big comeback too.
well i hope he gets better,
and muscular…

tumblr_lmglh9CpVL1qf0deho1_500…for next year!

lowkey: people are saying he is done.
im wondering so myself,
but maybe this is a test for a testimony?
well we shall soon see.
shit he got child support to pay.
he betta get back to it.

article source: espn
picture source: gq

7 thoughts on “Derrick Rose Says Goodbye Once Again

  1. Call me an asshole but I’m exited that Miami is going to win again this year because of this news. I wont tolerate any threat’s to our reign.. Bow down bitches!!!

    Lls, I kidd, I kidd. Just kiss the ring.. (grins)

    1. *smacks Nerd in the back of the head* How dare you disrespect me! Have you checked out the East lately dude? It’s a team at the top named the Indiana Pacers, who are not just at the top of the East, but we have the best record in the league at 13-1. We have the best defense in the league too, and a superstar player in Paul George who we will ride all the way to the finals. We were one win away last year homie. Don’t sleep nigga lol. We are loaded and ready and bigger and better than ever. Now bow down to that, and don’t fall while you are bowing.

  2. Well I hope he has a degree to fall back to. And I really hope he didn’t spend too much money, especially on Vixens because he going to be hanging on a thread.

  3. I love D. Rose to death, but I believe he is done with the Bulls, and will end up somewhere else when he does get healthy. It’s time for the Bulls to cut their ties with him. A second straight season ending injury. What if this becomes a trend? It’s time to start making some trades or they need to draft a guard next year for insurance because it’s tiresome. I mean, Derrick’s future is up in the air, especially if the Bulls don’t reach the playoffs, which I doubt with how poor the Eastern Conf. is lol.

    I hope he gets healthy, and if he needs someone to look after him I’m available but he has to come to my location lol.

  4. he’ll bounce back but he’s doing the right thing…you have to do whats right for your body firsthand because then that’ll ensure that he’ll have optimal performance when he returns…SN: he’s a cutie ;-0 love the GIF

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