Claire De Lune

tumblr_mvwf6nKo3B1qk91wgo1_1280“ugh they make you take off your shoes too?”
that was the thought in my head…

…as i was awkwardly taking off all my stuff at tsa.
the trip in was already annoying enough,
due to my brilliant idea of taking the train,
but now they got me getting naked to make sure I’m not a suicide bomber.
why didn’t anyone tell me so many cute wolves worked at the airport???
the ramp wolves in the orange vests were on a whole new kind of fine.
there was this one wearing all black tho.
he walked in the gate and in my mind,
he walked in like this:

tumblr_mwb26uaR7T1sjn3exo2_400 tumblr_mwb26uaR7T1sjn3exo1_400 (^where is this bolo gif from?)
he was caramel and muscular.
i don’t know what he does at the airport,
but i wanted to do him.
it had me wondering if i needed to get a job down there?
i remembered the commute i had in and a heavy “nah” marqueed across my head.

the take off was a little bumpy.
choppy and full of turbulence.

tumblr_mqu3hryORB1qa03y5o1_500i’m not use to flying so that was an experience i wanted to forget.
once it got to a comfortable altitude,
they told us they had direct tv and we could watch anything we wanted.
out of all the channels,
they didn’t have abc so i didn’t get to see the american music awards.
i ended up watching broncos vs pats on one tv,
and rhoa on the other.
why the dude next to me answer a call when we were landing?
i wanted to punch him.
i listened to claire de lune as sm suggested when i officially touched down.
a sense of peace came over me.
i wanted to bring that feeling with me while down here.

karaoke looks great!
we hugged for what felt like a long time.
it felt good to be around someone i knew.
someone that was familiar to me.
i nearly cried,
but im sure she would have laughed.
her crib is huge.
i have my own bathroom and walk in closet.
i know.
cool guest room swag.
it is different from my apartment back up north.
she even stocked the fridge with food.
one thing i noticed?
the air smells better down here.
no potential airborne diseases.
i think my allergies are starting acting up while writing this.
its also really quiet.
no police sirens.
no music from cars.
no hoodrats running the streets.
none of that.
just calmness.
the sound of the breeze.
i love it.
so this will be my new home for at least 3 weeks.
maybe four.
i’m going to make the best of it.

lowkey: a few pictures:

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Claire De Lune”

    1. ^i see a lot of white wolves round these parts.
      her neighbor is kinda fine tho.
      he looks like the asshole fraternity wolf who would be messing with dudes on the low.

      1. I don’t care about flour, Jamari.
        I’m surrounded by them everyday.
        fraternity-looking? NEXT!!!!

  1. YESSSSSS!!!!!!! CLAIR DE LUNE!!!! Its soothing and can deter main the right head space that your in for that exact time and moment..

    Low key I imagined you playing it while you descended and then fast forwarding thru exiting the terminal until you met your friend at the airport and when you embraced thats when the song ended….I swear I can make a movie outta nothing lol

    Maybe its a sign that you should be moving.

    BTW should go to a shooting range while your down there too, thats REAL stress relief…well for me it was anyway

    1. ^its almost how that went down s!
      i dunno but the song made me happy.
      it made me just think about the positive instead of the negative.
      i felt relaxed and inspired.
      i’l definitely play that song more often!
      for those who havent heard “clair de lune”,
      here ya go:

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