This Ain’t The End (But A New Beginning)

tumblr_lqmecai9jg1r08hw5o1_500bags are packed.
checklist is pretty much checked off.
my anxiety is on full throttle.
I’m about to leave to the airport,
but i had to write this before i left.
i’m pretty excited about where I’m about to go.
don’t think you all won’t be joining me at that place.
i wanted to do pray before i left.
now i know some people might be screw face,
but i’m already screw facing you.
anyway lets get to this prayer real quick…

father god,
my heavenly father,

im thankful for allowing me to see another day of life.
i want to thank you for everything you have done.
all the good and the bad.
i’m thankful for the people in my life currently,
the ones that read my site,
the ones who leave comments and interact daily,
and even the ones who don’t like me.

i pray you continue to bless all their lives and keep them safe.
im thankful for the blessings i continue to receive.
even tho things have been tough,
you have not left my side as much as i thought you did.
i’m not perfect,
 but im also not the enemy.
i have food on my table and my bills are paid.
you continue to give me inspiration to keep on going.
father god i ask that you protect me on the way to my trip.
protect me on this plane as i make my way down.
protect the home i am leaving from any danger.
you are allowing me to take a much needed break,
a change of scenery,
and some new experiences.
i’m just extremely grateful for everything.
so father god thank you for this.
continue to reign your blessings on me.

i pray you allow my enemies to be my footstools.
allow me to continue walking over them towards my destiny.
father god I’m thankful,
i cannot wait for this new journey ahead,
in your son christ jesus.

thanks everyone for joining me in that!
i will talk to you down there.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “This Ain’t The End (But A New Beginning)”

  1. Bro, I am so happy you have been given this much needed break, I hope you meet you several hot wolves who will be blown away by your New York charm. Have fun and play safe 🙂

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