foxmail: king stennis out here trying to mess up people’s jobs over maga?

some of these attentionistos need to be on their best behavior in these forests.
the foxhole is everywhere and they’re always watching.
i got an interesting and alleged foxmail about lamonte (king) stennis on tuesday.
as you know,
he is one of the h-p-ic at “exotic paintings” and pure bred trump supporter.
a foxholer saw him in the chicago airport and he had an incident with tsa.
this is the dm from said foxholer…
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This Ain’t The End (But A New Beginning)

tumblr_lqmecai9jg1r08hw5o1_500bags are packed.
checklist is pretty much checked off.
my anxiety is on full throttle.
I’m about to leave to the airport,
but i had to write this before i left.
i’m pretty excited about where I’m about to go.
don’t think you all won’t be joining me at that place.
i wanted to do pray before i left.
now i know some people might be screw face,
but i’m already screw facing you.
anyway lets get to this prayer real quick…

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Awww Poor Kevin!


Awww that is so sad.
I feel a WORLD of cockiness coming from Bron now.
Anyone else feel so?
But on the positive,
Oklahoma showed the FUCK out at that airport to support…

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