foxmail: king stennis out here trying to mess up people’s jobs over maga?

some of these attentionistos need to be on their best behavior in these forests.
the foxhole is everywhere and they’re always watching.
i got an interesting and alleged foxmail about lamonte (king) stennis on tuesday.
as you know,
he is one of the h-p-ic at “exotic paintings” and pure bred trump supporter.
a foxholer saw him in the chicago airport and he had an incident with tsa.
this is the dm from said foxholer…

“video production on a set”?

i got a message earlier today about what lamonte allegedly did next:

i thought maga folks don’t believe in wearing masks?
something about “their freedom” or some nonsense?

their fearless leader doesn’t wear one so why care if someone else isn’t?

if the following story is true,
why even do that to someone?
tsa and a gate agent at united are two separate things.
he could jeopardize her job with the alleged shenanigans.
i hope this foxmail is a big misunderstanding,
but this foxholer is standing in their report.
if lamonte wants to allegedly lie about maga then that’s one thing,
but let’s not fuck with people’s unemployment.

*if you have any juice you want to spill all over the foxhole,
you can send it: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “foxmail: king stennis out here trying to mess up people’s jobs over maga?”

    1. This entire post was trash. What was the point? What was the reason? Imma need Jamari to step it up. Meanwhile Lamont still fine af.

        1. ^andy,
          you know what?
          i am absolutely grateful that you come on here every time i write something to tell me it’s trash.
          the fact of the matter is that your clicked my website,
          read the entry,
          and took time to leave a comment is awesome.
          the way i see it,
          if someone thinks something is trash,
          they won’t go to it.
          the fact that you’ve come for the last 3 entries is a blessing.

          thank you for reading and keeping up with me.
          i’ll continue to write things i know will bring you out of lurk mode because it’s entertaining to witness.

          ❤️ ya and please stay safe during the rona!
          wear a mask and save a life!

          1. And every time @codys and Andy comment I will too. Still fine af? and would probably never even look twice at your self loathing ass. Why are you even taking time out your day to go through a blog that you claim is so trash, ho why is you here? Leave and go subscribe to lamontes onlyfans like the rest of the thirsties for a quench, since you clearly don’t get it here. Quarantine got you hoes bored.

      1. And also meanwhile, your ignorant ass still won’t get on that coon’s dick. So, “what was the reason”? Parched girl? Imma need your ‘lurking-on-jamari-because-you-probably-want-to-be-on-his-dick’ thirsty ass to find somewhere else to quench your thirst. Buh-bye now!

  1. I always know these instathots move like snakes in real life because obviously no ones ever laid hands on them.

    He’s a whole PUNK. If you have your mask on properly what does it matter if she has to take hers down so she can make an announcement everyone can hear?

    1. Thank you.

      Also, didn’t some Karen get canceled a while back by Tweeting out the face of a Black woman who happened to be taking a quick bite between shifts? MAGAts and their cult leader Bleach Bum can’t leave the stage soon enough!

  2. He’s getting creepier n creepier.. I don’t get their support of a man who has no respect for him or his people. Nubius the porn guy is Also a Frump supporter.

  3. Fellows this guy is a down low house nigga period he admires a man who hates his kind what’s his kind a black man a gay man cuz he gives lap dances and more to men trump would so look down on this clown no king boy bye

    1. LOL. They’re so lame and childish. #TEAMjamari … I’ll agree, Lamonte is fine as fuck. But, I gotta boycott the nigga due to that MAGA shit.

  4. Fuck that nigga, playing with that woman’s job….He need to go twerk for a dollar at one of those ratchet ass paint shows. Dusty fuck boy.

  5. Hes definitely a BAN for putting her job on the line like that! You can have your MAGA but leave innocent folks out of it…trash!

    1. Not the first time a couple of other guys said the same thing about him… It’s funny that he supports MAGA..I wonder if they would support him n his lifestyle… uhmm.. bet he didn’t think about that.

  6. Why the left hand holding the phone that ashy. Man I don’t know how yall do it cause I just cant seem to get myself worked up over Lamonte one way or the other. Dude’s a whole ass stripper troll, just cant take him serious. Still sexy to me tho.

  7. People keep saying he is fine but that last entry Jamari posted made him ugly. I can’t quite explain it right but he was looking kind of dead in the eyes. Like that old saying “the lights are on but no one’s home.”

    It low key scared me.

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