hang on tamar, hang on

i was just telling someone the other day how tamar braxton is good for tv.
so much so,
they can’t seem to find someone with her same magnetism on “the real“.
as dynamic as tamar is,
i wouldn’t peg her for someone who would try to take her own life.
maybe that’s the problem in thinking that because i’ve tried to do it on multiple occasions.
i couldn’t sleep last night so when i hopped on twitter,
i saw this news via “tmz“…

Tamar Braxton may have attempted to take her own life.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a 911 call was placed at around 10 PM Thursday. The caller said someone at the Ritz Carlton hotel in downtown L.A. attempted suicide.
When EMTs arrived we’re told they found Tamar unconscious inside her room. Her boyfriend, David Adefeso, told cops she may have overdosed on pills and alcohol.
Our sources say the boyfriend also told police Tamar had been upset earlier in the day and had threatened suicide. Our law enforcement sources say Tamar did not leave a note.

they say she is stable but unconscious.
we don’t know what people are dealing with.
highlight reels on ig don’t fully explain whats going on in the background of someone’s mind.
i’ve posted happy things and was depressed af.
this is tamar’s last ig post before she tried to take her own life:

the viewer would think “oh she just needs a vacation“,
but it seems like there was more to it than that.
during this pandemic,
all the bad news,
trump’s administration woes,
and add on the other shit going on in our lives…

it can really lead us down a really dark path.

I urge that if you’re feeling down in the depths of depression,
PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to someone.

don’t make a permanent decision just yet.
i’ve started this thing called the “mental diet“.
i learned about it ( x on reddit ) the other day.
i’m trying to work on replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.
it’s not easy,
but i’m determined to try something new within my life.
i’m sending my prayers to tamar,
but i’m also sending prayers to you.
if you’re silently suffering from suicidal thoughts,
i pray that you can find the light and purpose within your life.
may God and The Universe give you a sign that you’re here for a reason.
trust me in knowing it gets tough,
but i’m still hanging on.
you need to as well.

love ya.

lowkey: i’m actively protecting my time,
and power on social media.

its starting to be too much tbh.
even people i know in real life are draining me.

i might have to set timers of the times i go on there and what i indulge in.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “hang on tamar, hang on”

  1. I was shocked to hear this. I hope she gets better soon. People are questioning a tweet from Nick Cannon too.
    The world is fucking stressful right now, it’s a lot to deal with it.
    I try to limit my time on social media and watching the news.
    Stay strong everyone!

    1. ^i think its better to stay off social media OR give it 2-5 minutes of your time,
      especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.
      this past week,
      i have been feeling overwhelmed so i’ve ditched my social media accounts for a minute.

  2. There’s more to this story. I’m keeping close eye on that boyfriend. Something about him isn’t seating right with me.

  3. Yeah social media is bad for your mental health. There is so much going on, that I just want it shut the world out, but then when you do that, you are only left with your anxious thoughts and that can be even worse. When she said “it’s only 1:30 and I want to sleep” that is a red flag. People with depression often sleep a lot to avoid the pain and melancholy.

  4. I dont post on this forum but feel this needs to be said. Honestly I get tired of trying to get ppl to see the truth. Coming from somebody that’s had an inside look at the industry you guys looking at this from the surface level. Call me a conspiracists if you want but it’s more to this story than meets the eye. Look at the cryptic message the family just posted about Tamar asking to be free from someone (handlers). Even look at how slave is written on the Twitter account. Prince and Michael Jackson said the same thing and look what happened to them. This isn’t just about being free from a bad deal or mental illness. Hollywood is a dark and cold place and it takes no prisoners. The very ppl some of you idolize don’t own they life they are controlled. The moment they speak out and try and break free they try and silence them. Look at what’s happening to Nick. The price of fame and wealth in Hollywood is high but honestly it’s not worth it. You become the property of another and behind closed doors you dont realize just what a lot of these ppl do to have and keep what they appear to have. Be careful playing in “the industry”. Everybody be safe out there.

      1. You are very diplomatic.
        Hollywood like a lot of industries can be shady (justice system, police, medical. It’s not unique to Hollywood. Hollywood seems to cannibalize the attention seekers. Those that want to work but don’t care about being stars do well. Viola Davis and Denzel are great examples of that. People like reality TV stars tend to end up in bad situation because they are addicted to the fame and attention.

  5. I listen to mediation taps on the daily and they help with different issues or spiritual things that a person might be dealing wtih.

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