Would You Take It Baby?

tumblr_mdel5yC5sm1rseuzmo1_500i know some of us have had some bad experiences in life.
some of which have crippled us from doing certain things.
stopped us from accomplishing goals in life.
it sucks, right?
well if you could,
would you take the pill to erase those memories?
start fresh?
a clean slate?
you’d become fearless.
that person you see in your head.
so whats it gonna be?
decisions, decisions…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Would You Take It Baby?”

  1. Well if you took a drug to erase or even alter your memories then you cease to be the person you are and you will no long be able to mentally associate yourself with a stronger better version of yourself. Our experiences make us , and forgetting opens one up to repeating the same mistake all over again.

  2. Nah. What happened in my past has learned me a lot over the years. Not to mention my memory reminds me of why I keep certain people out of my life.

  3. Hell no! There are some things that should be messed with especially with memories. What if the pills take it to the extreme where it wipes out all of your memories? Then what. Plus memories help us not repeat the same mistake and speaking of rape it possible the rape victim could be rape again.

  4. Coming from a place of watching someone close to me raped and being molested myself… I would not take it… I always hear people say this bad experience made me who I am and I use to say yeah right… but it is true… and as I get older I am finally realizing that.. the only thing I don’t like it is the walls I have up because of what happened… (Trust issues) maybe that is why I will always be a side piece… lol.. j/k

  5. I think it’s interesting.
    Sometimes I think it’d be nice to just start over. Have your memory wiped clean and have the gov’t relocate you to another city with a new life.

  6. Without hesitation. I would definitely do it. There are something’s I don’t wanna remember, people have hurt me idw remember and I’ve have done things idw remember. We’re all fam so I feel comfortable saying so.

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