Would You Take It Baby?

tumblr_mdel5yC5sm1rseuzmo1_500i know some of us have had some bad experiences in life.
some of which have crippled us from doing certain things.
stopped us from accomplishing goals in life.
it sucks, right?
well if you could,
would you take the pill to erase those memories?
start fresh?
a clean slate?
you’d become fearless.
that person you see in your head.
so whats it gonna be?
decisions, decisions…

This Is You… Then.

How do you expect to move on, if you do not have closure?

That is the question ringing in my mind.
I don’t know if I am the type to hold a grudge, per say.
But, I do hold onto things even though I claim I am over it.
I will use those little things as examples for me not to fuck up in the future.
Which I think is relatively smart, but you do need to let go so you can successfully move on.
But, moving on is hard to do when you do not have closure.
So the real question is…

How do you really get closure?

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