august alsina comes out clean

i haven’t seen or heard from august alsina in years.
it was sometime in a “september” far away.
remember when he was the font of the foxhole?
he has literally been under the radar since those days.
well he popped up on jada pinkett smith‘s facebook show,
“red table talk”.
he had a conversation about his addiction to pills.
look and listen…
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It Felt Like I Had A Thousand Thick 9″ Dicks Inside Me

*the following is gonna be tmi for some,
but it’s honest for others and myself

i’m worn the fuck out this morning.
i didn’t go to bed until 4 something this morning.
i’m not complaining because i was up for a good reason
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Not Feelin’ The Funk

tumblr_mhb1uwX9eH1rbr986o1_500so i said when i started this site,
i was going to be honest about things i go through.
i would never out anyone i was dating/fuckin’,
but my struggles was up for grabs.
if you gonna love me,
you gotta love ALL OF ME as well.
the good.
the bad.
the ugly.
the funky?
since a majority of men lurk in the foxhole,
there are some things we DON’T talk about that we should.
plus i never know who is suffering in silence,
needs their “a ha” moment,
or should be aware for future sake.
now before i get into this entry,
i need to put up a disclaimer:

i am a very clean person
i am not sexually active at the moment

okay cool.
i am also prepared to be judged,
but it’s whatever.
don’t judge me like things can’t happen to you as well.
so lets get into it…
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Would You Take It Baby?

tumblr_mdel5yC5sm1rseuzmo1_500i know some of us have had some bad experiences in life.
some of which have crippled us from doing certain things.
stopped us from accomplishing goals in life.
it sucks, right?
well if you could,
would you take the pill to erase those memories?
start fresh?
a clean slate?
you’d become fearless.
that person you see in your head.
so whats it gonna be?
decisions, decisions…